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Getting Started: How to Begin Your Blog in 2023

Are you really in search of the best guide who let you know how to start a blog?

Do you definitely and desperately want to learn?

Whether you are a working professional and want to start a side hustle to earn an extra income.

Or do you want to know how to start a blog as a full-time career?

Even If you are just a beginner or want to explore how to start a blog.

It will be your perfect guide blog to learn how to start a blog and make money.

Starting a blog is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world, connect with other people who share your interests, and even make some money.

You are at the right place to learn about how to start a blog as a beginner.

So you can start building your side hustle and generating side income through it.

Or once you are well versed in it, this will be your main source of income one day.

But where do you start? 

First, you need to know some important things before diving into the whole process.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the process of starting a blog, from choosing a domain name and web hosting to designing your blog. 

Also here in this blog post, I will tell you how you grow your blog and monetize it.

So whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while, this post is for you!

So what are you waiting for? Start your blog today!

What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website that contains articles, also known as posts, that are usually displayed in reverse chronological order. 

The word “blog” is a short form of the word “weblog.” 

Blogs are typically written by one person or a small group of people, and they often focus on a particular topic or area of interest.

Blogs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sharing news, providing commentary, or promoting a product or service. 

They can also be used to build relationships with readers and to create a community around a shared interest.

Blogs are a popular form of online communication, and they can be a great way to share your thoughts and ideas with the world. 

If you’re interested in starting a blog, here to help you get started with this blog post.

Purpose Behind Blogging

A blog’s objective is to provide information on your website. It answers queries and educates potential consumers about your product or service.

People can showcase their knowledge and services to a wider audience through blogging. It might lead to commercial and career prospects.

There are four main important aspects for any beginner blogger to inspire to blogging according to me.

Having A Moto Of Recognition

Most people start blogging with a motto of recognition for themselves and their businesses.

By only your latest post, you can’t be popular or successful.

The whole experience behind your blogging journey is what you learn on the subject field and shares with others. This will help you to be successful in blogging.

When your blog becomes trustworthy and popular you get recognition in your field of blogging.

Blogging makes anyone an expert in the field one is blogging about.

Express Your Views And Story

Blogging is a tool to express your voice and views to the world to be heard. You can share your personal views and thoughts through blogging.

You can also share your stories with the entire world.

Most personal bloggers write the way write dairy about their daily life and their friends and family and others can be a part of it.

To Find Or To Build A Community

Blogging is the best way to create a public or private community around your niche or field of expertise.

People who are interested to connect to your group will join your group.

You can also help a seminar with these groups or held an event or teach these people about the desired subject expertise. 

Start Blogging For Money

Blogging is worthwhile in terms of making money if you have done the process in the right way.

Top bloggers around the world earn a good income, and one can also earn a good profit as a part-time or full-time blogger or beginner blogger.

Blogging income is passive income if you work on your blog for a week to write a blog post you get continuous profit from it long after posting it and getting traffic on it.

Myth Of Blogging Among Beginners

There is a myth that if somebody has to start a blog they need to be a perfectionist. 

You will certainly find a few people around you saying that or suggesting it.

if somebody wants to know how to start a blog then they must be a perfectionist or a coder and designer.

That’s not really true. You can start blogging with no technical background. 

I know that starting a blog looks very hard and frustrating due to a lack of correct information and guidance.

If you want a blog as a side hustle or as a career option.

You have to be passionate about it.

Take this blogging journey seriously like someone who wants to start a company.

Start investing your efforts and time from day one and be consistent.

I have divided this blog post into three major steps.

Everything about how to start a blog, get traffic to it, and then monetize it in tried and tested ways.

I am going to tell you in simple words everything about starting a blog.

Herewith this blog your queries are solved step by step with no single line of stress on your forehead.

Important Aspects Of Blogging

Blogging will be a really important mechanism that helps you to grow in your life in a disciplined way. 

This lets you stay motivated and disciplined for your habitual tasks.

Blogging is a good way to monetize your writing and give a platform for publicity.

You can explore new ideas and create your online presence around your passion and expertise. 

It helps you to grow your inner passion and make that passion your living. 

Blogging takes out your true quality of yourself with the world.

Now make blogging your new career goal in this new year.

You can start creating content and become a content creator and also start earning as a side income.

The big question comes now how?

How you can start blogging?

But the first thing that should need to come to our mind is to know what blogging is.

You need to analyze it with the practical day-to-day activity for which you are passionate.

Until you like the process this can not define the purpose of blogging in your life.

Do You Need To Start A Blog Or Not

Yeah, you need to.

The big issue with us, we thought before starting a blog one should be perfect in writing.

One starts thinking to be a writer as a profession to be successful in the blogging journey.

But according to me, it’s not 100% important first you need to start writing day by day.

Start with small 250 words or 500 words like the post.

Try to continue your writing you will learn in the process many things about writing.

You need to write well-researched information that adds value for your readers.

Writing with self and user or visitor interest will make your blog more interactive and keep your visitors growing.

Can You Make A Perfect Blog Of Yours?

Yeah, you can make your blog better day by day by being consistent and becoming an active learner.

It is not that you need to subject an expert on the topic only you can write a successful blog.

Blogging is the process where you need to start things to go better the way.

Because the majority of the readers want to read a blog that they can easily grab into their minds.

The tone of the conversation and they are not willing to do that with a renowned expert.

It is just simple if you tell the exact right information that a reader or visitor wants to know.

Moreover, the reader or visitor of your blog connects more if you write a topic about what you did before or experienced or know better than others.

Blogging by heart is just to share your knowledge of the topic with the world.

Blogging or writing posts about whatever you are passionate about makes your journey easy.

Before getting started and moving forward I want to tell you the mystery behind successful blogging.

Take your blogging journey as someone thinks to start a company and start investing your efforts from day one.

Let’s get started with the important steps for the blogging journey.

1. How To A Start Blog From Scratch

Here I wrote the important key aspects that every beginner blogger needs to know.

Here in this section, you will know about choosing a niche, thinking, selecting, and buying a domain name.

Then how one can make their blog live on the internet by selecting the best hosting provider and selecting the best blogging platform like WordPress.

From choosing the best WordPress themes to customizing and building your own blog website

After that, you will know how to create the first blog post for your blog

Select A Niche For Your Blog

The Primary research you can say is your niche selection and the competitor’s analysis of that particular niche that you select.

Niche businesses are now booming and so as blogs too.

Selecting a niche will solve half of the problem in the process because you can better plan your blogging business accordingly to the niche.

You can also make your blog a place to sell niche-relevant items of your own to your specific audience. That is much more converting than any other marketing way.

For more guidance, I have written a post on how to select your niche. You can also read for more clarification and methods.

Plan and Visualize The Idea

What is the topic of niche you want to blog about? You need to be selective while deciding on it.

Because today the big niche is already a red ocean zone.

You need to search your blue ocean by selecting a small niche or sub-niche to make your blog effort successful.

Some brainstorming questions before starting it.

  • What is the exact niche you can start as a blog? 
  • What is the audience of that niche?
  • Do the readers have a good volume for your niche?
  • Why do you think this blog niche will be useful and work for your audience?

You can find answers to these questions on your own if you can able to figure it out.

I can also help you to figure it out.

If you want to find your topic of niche on which you want to blog.

You need to learn from your life experience in which subject topic you are well with.

What is your expertise?

Personal life experiences you learn and what to share the knowledge can help someone in need or in the same situation.

You can also start a personal blog where the topic is all around you and the people and things connected to you.

Another option is to find a niche around your hobbies what you like most to do that you are interested in.

Health, food, cooking, sport, finance, tech, gadgets, etc are the example you can start with if these are your hobby or interest. 

Find A Name & Domain Name For Your Blog

Every person has a unique identity in the world; here the same applies.

The blog name should be unique.

It is required to select a domain name for the blog to differentiate it from others.

Once you finalize your niche your next step is to get a name for your blog that resonates with your niche.

After selecting the name you need to find the domain name that exists for your selected name or not.

If not find another name and again check whether it is available or not.

You can choose other TLDs (top-level domains) like .edu, .org, .net .online, etc if you do not get the domain name with (.com) TLS of your selected name.

It will be more beneficial if you choose your country-specific TLD, for example, if you are in Canada you can go with a .in domain (www.example.ca) or if you are in the USA you can go with .us (www.example.us).

It helps you to geo-target the audience or traffic that you need.

Else you want to target the whole world you can go with the .com (www.example.com). 

Now you are going to know about the next step, which is how you can make our blog presence in the internet world.

If you want to know in detail check my article on how to buy a domain name.

How To Start A Blog Live (For The Readers)

Finally, you get your blog name. Your next priority is to make it online by choosing a hosting plan for it so it can be visible when somebody searches for your blog URL or blog name on search engines.

It will appear on the SERP (search engine result page).

It means any search engine result page, e.g., google.comyahoo.com, or bing.com.

Why do you need a web hosting service?

Now, you get a web address after buying a domain name. But you don’t have a web space where you can put the things you need for work.

So here comes the term “web hosting”.

A web host is a platform where you get space to put all your digital assets related to your website or blog.

Web hosting is a space in the internet world that you do not need to carry with you like a hard disk or pen drive.

It is a server that hosts your blog where you can store all your blog posts and information just like you have your storage device on your smartphone.

If anybody searches for your blog name by typing it into any search engine platform, then it will show your blog, the posts, and the information you have shared on your blog to the readers.

Therefore, you have to choose the best hosting provider that delivers your website or blog fast and reliably.

Managed WordPress Hosting for Sites That Mean Business said by them.

They provide better and more reliable Cloud hosting services.

It is the best and most trusted hosting provider that you can use for your website hosting and blog hosting.

It provides a hosting plan as per your requirements with a nominal monthly or billed annual price.

2. Customize Your Blog And Create Your First Post

After completing your hosting package setup, you will need to Install WordPress for your blog On Your Hosting Account.

You need to select a basic blog theme to start with or you can choose the one you want.

Some brief on letting know about WordPress.

What is WordPress?

“WordPress is open-source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use”


As you have selected a theme, your installation of the WordPress tool is initiated.

After completing the above steps, you will absolutely do the further step of customizing your own blog.

Customization will make your blog user-friendly. It is the way you want to present the content on the blog page/post for the user.

As you have done your installation of WordPress over the hosting server.

You will be promoted to have a username and password for your WP-admin.

You can simply put your username & password & also note them down in a safe place. 

how to start a blog

So, with the help of this, you can log into your WordPress account anytime & you don’t have to remember it or store it on any device for any password leak.

If you find everything fine then you will be next to your admin login screen.

Use the Login Page to enter your wp-admin.

You will get a prompt for your username/email & password to access your WordPress admin panel.

As you log in with your details, you will see your WordPress dashboard.

Where you will get options for all you need to do with your blog front end.

So you are now on the WordPress dashboard of your blog. Where you can control everything from your appearance to content delivery by selecting the left-clickable option “left side panel”.

how to start a blog

Selection Of The Theme

Choose your theme to start. Check out to your left side panel where you will see lots of options you will find “Appearance” click over it you will find the option to click on “Themes”.

Now click on it.

Once you select the theme by clicking on it you will get an option to choose or select a theme by providing various free themes like this.

You can choose any one of them that you like for your blog and activate it.

Once you activate it it will reflect on the front end of your blog live.

how to start a blog

You can see these changes by clicking on the visit site.

Create A post for your blog

After completing the theme installation, you are ready to live the blog.

Now create your post by clicking on the post option you will get an option to add a new post.

Once you click on the “Add New” button you will get a post editor tool where you can write your blog and publish it that will flash onto your live blog site.

That’s how you can customize and publish your blog.

3. How To Grow Your Blog Faster

You already know how to start a blog. Now the second important part is to grow your own blog, and this is the post where I am going to discuss how to grow your blog for every beginner.

If you are thinking after creating your blog how to get traffic for the blog to get the readers.

That is why I am here today to tell you guys a few simple steps to grow your blog presence in search engines, increase traffic, and get leads.

The question that comes to every beginner blogger’s mind is:

  • How can I increase the growth in the right way and as per the Google guideline?
  • How can I grow my blog online?
  • How can I connect with the readers through my writing?
  • How can I establish a connection with our readers and demonstrate it?
  • How can I help them in solving these issues, providing value, and maybe even changing their lives for the better?

So Blogemania is going to answer all these questions and solve your growth problem for your blog so you can also grow your blog traffic.

What Are The Best Ways To Grow Your Blog Readers?

Here I am going to answer this question by listing the 6 best ways to grow blog traffic.

By using these techniques, you can increase your blog’s growth.

Some of the best ways are

Technical SEO Audit Of Your Blog 

First and foremost you need to check your blog’s technical issue and solve it.

Because it affects on-page SEO and does not rank well on Google due to this technical SEO ignorance. 

You can check my blog post for details on on-page SEO strategies.

Technical Audit helps grow your blog & helps you know the barriers in the way of your blog growth. 

Technical Audit is very simple. You just need to put your blog URL into an online tool.

It will audit your website automatically and show all the issues that make a hurdle to growing your blog. 

Basically, It will show All Onpage related issues, blog content issues, and social presence issues.

You can take help from other tools like link checker tools which help you to check broken link issues in your blog.

Siteliner is a tool that helps you to check your web content. It is totally free too.

It helps to analyze the content uniqueness of your blog.

Write Your Blog For Your Readers 

Writing about your hobbies or interests is not enough to create compelling material for your blog.

But if you want to keep your reader’s interest, the greatest way to do so is to tell them something they don’t already know.

Reader concentric blog posts are increasing impression and conversion rates.

If you are writing by keeping the reader in your mind.

Therefore, you should write the best blog for increasing the growth of the blog by raising the interest of the reader.

Increase Your Social Media Presence 

Social Presence nowadays is very crucial and important for any brand, blog, or person to be seen by the readers if you are just starting your blog.

Social media presence plays a vital role to increase the growth of a blog, always choose the correct social media sharing button that you think readers are interested in.

Increase your blog popularity with different social media platforms, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit to grow your readers.

Moreover, you need to ask your audience to join your social media pages, group too.

Be Active & Smart While Building Email List 

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to increase traffic to your blog and connect with your target audience.

This helps you build trust with potential readers and, as a consequence, turns your blog into a successful side venture.

Use the best email list-building software or tool that helps to automate the process so you can save time.

Increase Your Networking with Other Bloggers

Interact with other bloggers on social media by sharing their content and reacting to them in status update comments.

Make useful comments on other people’s blogs.

This should be done on personal blogs where the owner reacts to comments. 

Begin by forming a community and then joining it.

Communities are an excellent way to meet other bloggers.

Do Guest Posting On Your Niche Relevant Websites

Guest Posting in your particular niche will help you to increase your Blog growth.

You have to write worthy content not only for your own blog you also have to write for guest posting.

It will help you to look genuine there too.

Engage with your readers there too in your guest post by commenting and responding actively.

4. How To Monetize Your Blog Well

It will be very good if you have a blog and you can earn passive income from it.

If You are getting good traffic, it really works.

I mean you have successfully accomplished both the processes of how to start a blog and how to grow your blog,

now the next big thing is to monetize your blog.

I am going to tell you all the successful ways through which you can monetize your blog on the internet and start making money online.

There are so many resources on the internet saying you can earn money online.

Here I am really focused on the things or the ways that work for your blog to monetize its traffic or its content resources.

What Are The Best Ways To Monetize Your Blog?

One by one, I am going to give you a list of some of the best and most useful ways to monetize your blog.

All these methods have been tried and tested by multiple bloggers who have gotten successful results by applying them. 

Google Adsense

If you are new and want to start monetizing your blog this is the first choice for every blogger to monetize from Google Adsense.

Google Adsense helps to apply ads on your blogs if you are qualified with the Google AdSense guideline.

It really works if you have good traffic in your blog. It automatically places ads on your blog.

You only have to paste some code from Google AdSense to your blog.

It will automatically start showing ads once confirmation & verification.

Once anyone from your traffic source clicks on the ads shown by Google & makes any call to action. 

You will get some money into your Google Adsense account.

It serves ads that are relevant to the content appearing on a specific page of your blog.

Ads Monetisation Or Ads Space Monetization

Selling your ad space directly to advertising agencies.

You can share your ad space directly with businesses that want to promote their business with niche-oriented traffic or leads-oriented traffic blogs.

It is simpler than the Google Adsense ads but here you are the owner to decide whether to show the ads or as discussed with your client who wants to promote their business.

You can use some useful plugging to use these methods.

If you can not directly contact the businesses or agencies you can choose the ad network.

Partnering with an ad network eliminates this problem since the network will identify sponsors for you and give you ready-made advertisements to display on your site.

In this case, you earn a portion of the advertising income, and the network receives a portion as well.

Selling Service To Your Readers Or Traffic Sources.

If you are new to monetizing your blog you can choose this option.

Selling your service to your niche traffic will help your reader to avail of your services. Some examples of selling your services are 

  • Copywriting services 
  • Graphic design services
  • Content writing services
  • SEO services
  • Consulting services

Setting up service is likely as of the product selling.

You can use some useful payment plugins to take payment for your service. 

Also if you have an ongoing client relationship i.e. you need to charge recurring payments for your services from the client you can use a payment blog for subscription charges. 

It is perfect for a paid subscription to your blog like a retainer fee to ask your reader or subscriber.

Ask For A Donation Or Use A Buy Me A Coffee

It is a useful way if you can ask your subscriber or reader to support you in writing more informative blogs that help and grow mutually.

This will be good for the reader not to donate a fixed amount they can choose from their own. 

This method of monetizing your site is complete “no strings attached,” since you are not required to deliver anything in exchange for the donations.

Of course, you can’t expect people to donate if you don’t give them quality material that they want to support.

Selling Own Digital & Physical Products 

I prefer to tell you that you can generate a good income source if you can sell digital products of your own like ebooks, photos, and apps.

Selling a product that your consumers can buy directly from you is the most apparent method to monetize a blog.

You can sell tee shirts, coffee mugs, and photo frames if you want to sell a physical product to your readers.

Payments’ capabilities are perfect for selling a small number of items, and they may also be used to create a subscription-based website. 

To take advantage of everything WooCommerce has to offer, you may upgrade to either the Business or eCommerce plans as your product offerings grow.

Affiliate Marketing To Monetise Your Blog Traffic

To Learn Affiliate marketing and apply for your blog is the best way to get good monetizing benefits and good money-making online options for any blogger in the world.

If you really have a good blog with good traffic you can use your affiliate marketing. 


In conclusion, I have discussed all three major concerns about blogging above.

That is how to start a blog, grow your blog presence, and then monetize it.

Finally, the methods that I am suggesting and discussing here are very useful for those who want to start a blog from scratch. 

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  1. What an excellent blogging guide here. You laid out all the steps for beginning a blog effectively. Bloggers seem intimidated by the blogging journey, especially at the beginning. But your post eases their fears. Well done.

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