Blogging Mistakes That Need To Avoid By Beginner Bloggers.

Are you really worried about your mistakes while blogging? Just let yourself be aware of the mistake most beginner bloggers make so you can skip these blogging mistakes and save your crucial time and money.

Yeah, If you have a blog or planning to start a blog you must read this post about common blogging mistakes beginners make. 

Because it is good to make mistakes, but it is much better to be aware before making mistakes to avoid them.

Blogging for business is the best way to attract traffic and generate curated leads. 

Blogging can be the number one marketing strategy for any business but what if we made a mistake while blogging? 

How to overcome these mistakes and fix them. This guide post is going to give you a detailed idea about it.

Let’s dive into it.

There are a few common mistakes any beginner can make that I come across to gather here for you to know.

Incorrect Way of Niche Selection

The first and foremost mistake any beginner blog makes is not selecting a niche. Niche selection is a brainstorming process. You cannot simply choose a niche and start blogging on it. 

You have to understand the niche selection process for this I wrote an article on how to select a perfect blogging niche that works. You can easily get insights into it.

Not Creating A Reader Persona

The second most important mistake a beginner do is not researching about the audience or you can say avatar profile. 

If we are starting a blog we need to understand the big picture of that particular blog. 

You need to ask these few questions yourself.

  • What is my ideal target audience?
  • Who will read my blog?
  • What age group is this blog best for?
  • Which country or state am I going to target for my blog?
  • What is the relevant micro niche within my blog niche?
  • What topic am I going to cover? 

This question is some of the helpful examples for making an audience or readers profile or avatar profile for your blog.

Not Giving Time On Keyword Research 

Nowadays we do not use keyword research strategies well. Because we did not even know how to select a keyword for a post. 

Keyword research and keyword selection for any topic or post around a specific niche is a very curious task. 

Irrelevant keyword and topic selection will take you out of the targeted niche and also rank down your blog presence. 

Not Being Consistent in your blogging journey.

Now the next thing I’m discussing is the importance of consistency in the blog and most beginner bloggers do this mistake very often. 

They never try to be consistent on their posting content, believe me, consistency pays off. 

It happens due to not making a content calendar for your blog. You need to know how to manage or schedule posts.

Only Focusing On Quantity Not On Quality.

I have seen some of the blog owners try to focus only on the quantity of the blog post and not try to deliver the quality to the user’s perspective. Writing only for search engines will not work anymore. 

It will only increase your bounce rate and dwell time. As a result, you will lose your traffic and the trust of your readers. 

No Social Media Presence.

Beginner bloggers sometimes seem idle for making any social presence for their blog. This really harms their blog brand presence. 

And those who do not make a social presence also lose a social signal of google ranking factor. So, try to make social pages or community groups on various social media channels. 

Not Sharing Blog Post On Social Media

Everybody now knows the power of social media, if you are not sharing your post over various social media platforms you are missing a huge referral audience. 

It really helps you in the long run if you do a social share your blog post in the right manner.

You need to share it with the proper hashtags, images, emojis, etc.

Poor SEO Practices 

SEO for any blogging journey is an important key aspect. If you are not doing it the right way your blog will not work anymore.

As a beginner blogger, you need to understand SEO on a priority basis. SEO-optimized content with user readability and relevance will boost the online presence of your blog so this is really a topic to understand well.

Making Your Blog On Subdomain.

First, let me introduce you to subdomain platforms is those blog platforms where you will not need to buy your custom domain or hosting you will get a name as a subdomain of their own domain and hosting. 

For e.g.:,, etc. Most beginner bloggers start their blog with these free options but later they face huge issues taking full control of their blog. 

Thes subdomain option is good if you don’t want full control and have no future monetization plan with your blog. 

Pro Tips: To get the full power of your blog website to customize or monetize you need to buy your own domain name and hosting services.

Not Building Email List From The Beginning

Most bloggers never build email list techniques. They either forget and think this is not the right time to wait to build traffic. 

But it is a wrong perception, if you are a serious blog you need to start collecting emails from day one.

Expecting Everything To Early 

This is a huge mistake we all beginner bloggers make; we want everything too early. 

Blogging is a long-run game. If you are a beginner you need to invest your time learning blogging and SEO to build quality and valuable information for your readers. 

It takes time but is worth it.

Not Using Google Analytics & Search Consol

Many Beginner bloggers did not know how to use the search console and google analytics for their blogs. They missed this prime tool to embed. As a result, they can’t ably track their blog performance. 

You need to learn how to use Google analytics and the search console set up for your blog. It is very easy to set up, you simply need a Gmail account.

Poor Blog Presentation, Choosing Not responsive themes.

When you start writing your blog post it should be very convenient to read for raiders so you have to choose the best responsive theme that can able to deliver your content on different devices. 

Also, the user interface should be good and navigation is easy to find and the content is well organized.

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