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What is WordPress? Understanding the Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

I can understand if you are asking this question what is WordPress?

And What is the difference between wordpress.org vs wordpress.com?

This shows that you are a beginner and not aware of this very much popular CMS (content management software).

But don’t be sad. You are at the right place to know about the beautiful and powerful CMS tool.

43.2% of all websites on the internet use WordPress.

W3Techs statistics indicate that in 2022, WordPress will be utilized by 43.2% of all websites.

A rise from 39.5% in 2021. There are two versions of WordPress that are wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

Here in this post I first define each one and then differentiate it with its org vs .com domain. So let’s start.

What Is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is a popular content management software (abbreviated as CMS).

It can create blogs, websites, and landing pages.

WordPress.org is a free and open-source MySQL or MariaDB database combined with a PHP-written hypertext preprocessor with HTTPS capability.

It is a self-hosted platform where we need to host our website, blog, or landing page on a hosting server.

For that, we need to buy a domain name for it and a WordPress hosting package. 

Advantages of WordPress.org

Let’s get aware of the benefits of wordpress.org.

How it benefits a complete beginner in terms of creating blog, website, or landing pages on it.

It provides complete control and flexibility over your website, blog, or landing page.

With wordpress.org two important add always go hand in hand.

The first is WordPress themes and the second one is WordPress plugins.

These two make wordpress.org a complete tool to start.

WordPress.org gives the ability to use custom themes and plugins.

So you can add or remove what you need or what you do not need.

It gives various abilities and possibilities to monetize your website.

This helps you to access the entire WordPress community if you want to join the WordPress community.

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

Now I am going to discuss its disadvantages for a complete beginner.

However, WordPress is easy to set up and easy to understand, but still, it requires some technical knowledge to set up and maintain.

You need to buy a web domain and hosting plan to host your wordpress.org blog or website. That is why it is a self-hosted platform.

You also need to take responsibility for the backups and security of your website or blog of your own. Now let’s discuss another version which is wordpress.com.

What is this and what are its advantages and disadvantages for beginners?

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress.com is a self-publishing Platform that is widely used for writing blogs and other types of content. Automattic, Inc is the sole company of WordPress.

It is powered by WordPress software that has been customized.

WordPress.com acts as an online tool that enables people to sign up and begin creating websites from scratch.

It also offers hosting, fundamental security, and maintenance.

WordPress.com is by far one of the most widely used CMS options available on the internet today and requires no prior knowledge to use.

WordPress.com is primarily designed for beginners who wish to rapidly and independently establish their own personal website or blog without having to handle technical operations (hosting, maintenance, backups, updates).

WordPress handles all of the modifications; all you have to do is create content.

Advantages of WordPress.com

When it comes to talking about the advantages of wordpress.com.

I would say this is a really amazing option for beginners to start fast forward.

It is easy to set up and use, especially for beginners.

This provides paid plans as it takes care of hosting and all but it has a free basic plan available to start with.

Once you start growing you can upgrade to the paid plans as per your need.

It takes care of the hosting and security of your blogs or website.

It has features like automatic updates. 

Disadvantages of WordPress.com

It has limited control over your website. 

This has limited theme and plugin options

In your free plan ads are displayed.

Monetization options are limited on the free plan.

You have to upgrade to a higher plan if you need to grow more.


The major difference between these two is one is self-hosted and another is hosted.

For one of them, you need to manage your own hosting domain and for another one, you only have to buy the plans and upgrade as you grow.

It takes care of your hosting, domain, and security. WordPress.org works like a tool that needs to be downloaded with every hosting plan you buy from.

Some hosting providers provide this preinstalled once you buy a hosting plan.

Whereas wordpress.com is a cloud-based online platform where you only need to manage your post, themes, and plugins. The interface is similar in both.

But some changes you will find in the wordpress.com online platform.

I would recommend If you are a complete beginner you can start with wordpress.com but

if you know some technical stuff like managing hosting, domain, and WordPress customization then you can go with wordpress.org.

You also have to think of these two as per your need and future scope and enhancement point of view.

Other Factors to consider when choosing between the two, such as budget, technical skills, and website goals.


Finally, I would like to say you should try both to gain personal experience.

The traditional one is wordpress.org which all bloggers are used to with.

Hence this blog post will be a useful clarification between this two important platform.

Also, these two are the same thing but the ways to operate and manage are a bit different, Nothing else.

Please try to share if you liked this post. If you have any queries you can post a comment in the comment box.

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