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Blogging for Profit in 2023: Effective Money-Making Strategies

This is the exact question of how can I make money from blogging) that comes to anyone’s mind.

whenever you are thinking of starting a blog or being inspired by any blogger to start a blog.

I am at the same stage thinking about how I can make money from blogging.

I have no idea about it at the beginning. Therefore I know this is reasonable to ask.

Hence I want to help you my readers who are beginners and want to learn how can make money blogging.

This blog post is dedicated to this exact question.

I will help you out by listing and providing the information.

It is really helpful for any beginner blogger to start and earn through his/her blog or blogging career. 

In this year 2023 if you have just started or planning to start your blog as a side hustle. It is important to know how you can make this side hustle monetised.

You can check all these important ways to make money from your blog.

Google Adsense

The most popular that is working for a long time is google Adsense. Blogger.com provide an inbuild AdSense monetisation area for the publisher’s post.

Else if you create your blog on other platforms like WordPress. You have to qualify for AdSense and then it will start showing ads on your blog.

Become a Freelance Writer

make money from blogging

Becoming a freelance writer is the best option to monetise your blog by adding service as a writer to your blog. The blog will itself work as your portfolio on the niche you regularly post your blog.

If somebody wants to hire you as a freelance writer for their project. They can easily connect with you without hesitation if they like your work. 

Sell Ebooks to Your Audience

make money from blogging

Sell your ebook on one of the topics you are well-versed with. Create your landing page for it and try to promote it on your own blog and your community or group.

If you have readers like you can email them about the EBook that you have launce. You can take a small charge for downloading it as a pdf or other book format like EPub.

Create and Sell Online Courses

As you know in the year when we were stuck on lockdown lots of people and trends come to online courses to launch.

But it is from the beginning blogger use it as an earning source by exchanging their skill by creating an online course on particular specific topics like blogging, SEO, Internet Business etc.

Consulting Business

make money from blogging

One can provide a consulting business on a specific area in their niche like if you are a blogger and your niche is health and fitness.

You can start your consulting on health and fitness areas. You only need to price plan and market it to generate qualified leads.

Offer a Paid Membership Plan

A paid membership is also a new way to monetise your blogging career. You can make your email subscription to the post and make it a paid membership.

One who can pay for your email subscribers will get the email only.

Or you can lock some of the blog posts that you want to make available for paid members.

Another option is if you are using ads in your blog and provide paid members with distraction-free reading one who can choose your paid membership will not get ads on the post while reading. 

Make Money by Selling Banner Ads Space

Now if you get a good amount of traffic on your blog you can use banner ads or display to monetise your blog.

You can discuss the terms with the advertisers and give the ad placement as a rental space to show the ads on it.

Or you can create banner ads with your affiliate partners and use them.

Some of them provide it as a brand kit to promote even though you don’t need to create that only you need to add it in your sidebar or whenever you want to place it for better conversion.

Generate Revenue with Sponsored Posts/Reviews

Another way to monetise your blog is to review or use sponsored posts on your blog and for your readers.

Once you get a good presence on the internet the business or brand will reach you for a sponsored post to write in exchange for money or the product to review.

You also can use their strategy not only for product brands. It is a limitless option you will get here.

But I would suggest you go with your niche and self-tried and tested product so your readers can trust it too. Otherwise, you are stealing or misusing your reader’s trust.

Sell Physical / Digital Products to Your Audience

Sell physical products for your fans or readers like T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, and Notepads. You also can Sell Books, Beanies, Canvas prints, Greeting cards, and Stickers.

You can sell digital products, Ebooks, and cheatsheets, Printables, eBooks, courses, templates, audiobooks.

Accept Donations on Your Blog

make money from blogging

You can accept donations on your blog, and feel free to ask for support from your readers.

As you are providing valuable information for them by doing hard work and research you can ask for it. And they will certainly help you with their best.


Here with this post, I tried to help you with your biggest question whenever you plan for your side hustle as a blogger.

So I hope this blog post will help you to figure out how you can make money from blogging. Hope you will like it and will socially share it.

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