is blogging dead

Is Blogging Dead?

I have read netizens asking, is blogging dead? Should I start my blog or not? 

The only answer is “yes”, people read blogs, and it is worth starting a blog.

I know why you are asking the question because you are afraid of being lost in the trending and changing world. 

A blog is a very lucrative way to present someone’s ideas, views, or thoughts on a specific topic, product, or service.

This does not end very soon. This is one of the important ways to express your feelings, thoughts, ideas, creativity, and many more.

You know very well that one of the best ways to present your crafts in words is through your blog and it won’t end soon.

When we need information, we go searching on Google and find one who has the answers or knows the best method to address the situation. 

Readers must read your blog if you fulfil that requirement; you must provide high-quality information to the audience, with originality being a key factor.

Now we need to understand why we should not think that people do not read blogs.

Let’s understand!

Why Is A Blog Worth Starting It?

First, we have to understand why blogging is so important and worth starting It. so you can overcome the question is blogging dead.

I am going to present some statistical data that will help you to understand why blogging is important.

  • Around 400 million internet users read approximately 20 billion blog pages per month.
  • It is the internet’s 5th most trustworthy source of information.
  • Between the ages of 21 and 35, 53.3 per cent of bloggers are active.
  • With a 12 per cent gain in the last five years, blogging is still thriving.
  • Blogging is the major content marketing technique for 53 per cent of marketers.
  • Around the world, 77% of internet users enjoy reading blog posts.
  • Every day, around 7.5 million blog articles are published.
  • Bloggers in the United States are expected to increase to 31.7 million this year, up from 31.2 million last year.
  • According to Hubspot, Blogging is still incredibly valuable for SEO. A website with a blog can result in a 434% increase in indexed pages and a 97% increase in indexed links.

I think this data is sufficient info for you to understand why I’m saying yes replying to this question: is blogging dead?

People Telling You That Blogging Is Dead

Yeah sometimes people are true to what they say but here in this case they are not correct.

That’s the main reason get this question in your mind is blogging dead?

because you believe what you hear in your surroundings until you get the right information about it.

There are multiple types of blogging, but the types of blogging that most people know are dead. 

But it does not seem that all types of blogs are dying. 

Personal blogging a huge blogger community used to exist and some are still dying. 

A personal blog is used to be journal-like entries that only express the writer’s opinions, struggles, and major life events. 

The second is a lifestyle blog that is a typical blog about their travels, marriage, kids, etc.

Most lifestyle bloggers are realizing they need to change their blogging ways if they want their readers to stay interested. So It also appears that it is dying.

The way the blog is changed now the blog should be user concentric rather than telling only yourself. 

Now the blog is the way to help out the user with their queries, and problems and educate them with quality information.

Whether it is a small blog or a big publication they do the same thing which is content marketing.

Reasons Whether Blogging is Dead Or Not

I figured out whether is blogging dead or not, with all the reasons behind it as follows.

  • People read blogs to educate themself on a particular topic or niche.
  • People read blogs to get help with their problems or queries.
  • People read blogs for entertainment.
  • People read blogs to get personal opinions or guidance on products, services, or businesses.
  • People read blogs to learn about the trends in their career or business perspective.

To Educate On a Particular Topic

We all need Google search when we need to know or learn an educational topic.

We get a result and most of them are blogs with the best information with educational content.

To Solve Their Problems

Whenever we need to get the answer to any problem or we have something hustling in our mind.

We get a search query and take help from the best result we got on the search result page.

For Entertainment

Sometimes people read blogs only to get entertained. Like some gossip blogs on trending fashion, models, movies, celebrities, etc. Sometimes on the political agenda. 

get opinions or guidance

The reader sometimes reads to get the right and valuable guidance on the product they want to buy, services they want to afford or the business they want to be interested in.

People read blogs to know the facts and figures of what’s going on from their career perspective.

For Eg: What is the trending career or business opportunity there in the current market?

Can Blog Make Money

This is the perfect reason you will forget to query “Is blogging dead?” 

Yeah, a blog gives you a lot of monetization options if you do it the right way.

Creating an online course

Create your online course content in which you are an expert. and you can sell your online course on your blog.

Selling a book or product

Create ebooks or products customized to your blog (on a related theme or topic) or can sell an ultimate guide ebook. 

Sponsorships and advertising

You can take help to monetize your blog through Google AdSense and another content publisher monetization platform. One can sell ad space for your sponsor ads too.

Affiliate marketing

It’s a big topic but it’s worth knowing it for monetization. Affiliate marketing gives you a recurring passive income.


Start freelancing, and start providing services to your blog audience with the relevant niche. 

For eg: Logo design services, writing services, etc.

Make A Blog More Readable

Mostly on a webpage, an average person is likely to spend less than a minute. 

Some of them only take 10-20 seconds to stay on the page or not, they decide in a fraction of the time whether to explore it or not further on.

It shows that we have very less time to grab the attention of the user or reader to our blog.

For increasing the readability of the user we need to make our blog more attention-grabbing and user concentric, readable, and scannable. 

I m recommending a few tips here that you can use to time spend on the post. If you follow these it might be helpful for you to forget the question: is blogging dead?

Break content into short paragraphs

When you start writing your blog post for readers you need to keep your paragram short. And break merged paragraphs into separated paragraph lines with a golden line height (1.5 – 2 em),

Try to Add all types of heading

When we write paragraphs and long content for blog posts try to separate them with propers hierarchical heading formats( H1, H2, H3,…. H5)

Use numbers And bullet points

Include bullets, number quotes, and important terms in bold format. Google likes it and users or readers do too. Because it makes your post more scannable.

Convey your blog simply

When you write your blog post keep your readers in mind the language readability score should be good and it should be in simple language that can be easy to understand.

right font Size and background

It is very much important the screen or view of your blog appears readable try to use good font size and background contrast suitable for readers.

Convey the info in a relevant way

Your reader comes to read your blog for getting good quality and relevant information that fits/her query. Convey your message or information in a natural communicative way.

Do not over-optimize only for search engines try to make a balance between the user and the search engine both.

Wrapping Up

I hope this blog post gives you a better clarification for your doubtful question of hustling in your mind i.e is blogging dead?

But blogs are indeed read by the readers.

Small or Big publishers as bloggers or organizations will always be there to cater to them at every moment of life.

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