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Crafting a Captivating Blog Post in 2023: Proven Writing Techniques

Suppose you are to start blogging with a Google Blogger account and are trying to figure out how to write a blogger.

Then you are at the right place to know everything for setting up to publish a post on Blogger.

Here I m going to tell you how to write a blog post and publish it on Blogger with simple steps.

I know some new bloggers are really worried to start a blog but do not want to indulge themselves in various technical things.

They just want to start with passion and want to express their idea and craft to the world.

Hence google has a beautiful platform for those who are looking for a free platform to start a blog without investing any penny.

First, we need to know about Google Blogger

What Is Google Blogger?

Like wordpress.org, blogger is a content management system.

Pyra Laboratories created Blogger, the first tool for publishing blogs, in 1999. Google has acquired it in 2003.

With this platform, you may establish a blog free of cost. Google hosts blogs connected to its Blogger service via the blogspot.com subdomain.

Create A Google Bloggers Account

To create an account with google blogger you need to have a Gmail account first.

So if you already have a Gmail account you don’t have to worry. If you have no Gmail account yet create one first.

Now Visit blogger.com and then press the Create Your Blog button as shown below.

If you have already logged in with your Gmail it will ask you to log in or sign up with a Gmail account.

Once you signup as a blogger with a Gmail account you will be prompted to fill blog name.

It will ask you to choose and type as Title space as shown below.

I recommend putting the blog name in your title.

After that, you will be asked to put an address for this blog that you can put the blog name with blogspot.com

As highlighted below the space you need to put your blog name.

That will be published with the google blogger subdomain blogspot.com

Now press next you will get the prompt to enter your blog address you can put your blog name and address the same if you want.

Select A Blog Name

You need to enter your blog name in a small case in the highlighted area that will add up and work as a sub-domain of blogspot.com 

For example, if you choose a blog Title and blog name “ catfish” it will become catfish.blogspot.com 

If you have already purchased a domain you can add the part with google blogger which is a different procedure it will tell you another blog post.

For now, I only cover the free option so please bear with me. 

As you did the above step you will be asked to enter the blog display name it will appear as a header of your blog.

Once you are done with it, your blog has been created. Now you need to understand how to work on blogger.com.

Once your blogger account is created then it will appear like this.

And the left side of the blogger accounts you get various options to manage a blogger account. 

Now I will let you know about all these options. One by one.

There are 10 various options provided by blogger.com that are useful to manage a blogger account from customising to publishing your day-to-day content.

What are the options provided by the google blogger account?

Here I am going to list all 10 major given options for any blogging beginner who wants to start a blog in blogger.com

  1. Posts: It shows all your publish posts, draft or ongoing post list.
  2. Stats: shows the statistics of each post and how many views on the published post you are getting.
  3. Comments: It’s a comment moderation area where you can manage comments and see who is commenting. You can also delete unwanted comments from here.
  4. Earning:  This option gives already added features of Adsense you only need to register for Adsense to approve your blog from this area so you can monetise your blog through AdSense.
  5. Pages: These are the list of pages you created for your blog. Pages like About, contact and privacy policy here you can create easily and manage.
  6. Layout: The layout is the area where you can customise your blog. I will tell you in this blog how.
  7. Theme: This helps you to select a suitable theme for your blog you there are given a few theme options you need to select any one of them.
  8. Setting: It is the most important feature or option you can say in blogger where you can manage some technical things of your blog for example redirecting from an HTTP site to HTTPS.
  9. Reading List: It can manage your reading list of another blog you subscribe to see. Here is the list so you can easily get the updates of your favourite blogs and the ones you add to the list.
  10. View Blog: You can see the preview of your published blog appearance that will be shown to the public. Once you click on it you will see the appearance of your blog and how it looks.

Start To Customise Google Blogger

Now I m going to tell you how to customise your google blogger account to make your blog appears the way you want it to appear.

Here in the given screenshot, I have highlighted the areas.

To customise your blog you need to first go to the layout option.

Then you will see on the right side various options for your pages or blog parts or you can say sections from the sidebar to the header footer and body area of your blog.

Basically, this area of layout can be added by using add gadgets. 

  1. Search box where you user can search blog posts of your blog.
  2. Hearder where it shows your header text like blog name. 
  3. Pages list can show the pages to the user in list view the post or pages you created and published.
  4. Then comes the ad area where ads can be displayed add gadget can help you to add where you want to place the ads.
  5. The page body is the area where your post will be included as the featured post, blog post and popular post.
  6. Below the page body, you get the footer where you can add the important link.
  7. Left side you get the sidebar top and bottom where you can add various gadgets like profile gadgets, blog archive gadgets and label gadgets etc.

Choose, Change And Apply Themes In Blogger

To choose a theme in your blogger you can click on the left-side option on the theme and then you got your default theme.

You will see here the customisation button to customise your theme background, colour, fonts and the gadgets you added.

You will get the things like these so you can directly see the changes.

The customisation option will be on the left and the right side of your blog appearance.

This will help you to know when you customise you see the changes right there.

You also get various other theme options below the default one so you can choose or change the one you want to best suit your blog niche.

Once you want to change your blog you only need to click any one of the themes. You will get the things like this shown in the image below.

In the right corner, you get how it appears on other pages of the theme and below highlighted in the box.

I showed there are three options you get to preview, customise and apply as the default theme.

You can choose any of the three options as you need to see the things before applying it then you need to see them as a preview.

If you need to make changes to the things in the theme and then want to apply then use Customise or finally apply.

Now you can see the changes in the theme

Start Writing And Publishing On Google Blogger

Now you need to know how to start writing posts on blogger.com. To start writing your first post you need to click on a new post as shown in the images.

Now you will get a word-like page where you need to fill in the things as I am going to guide you now.

  1. First, you need to write the title of the post
  2. You get the option that really looks like MS Word or Google Docs like tools area where you can select font colour, size and font design. You can also align your text, and provide line springs, and bullet points. You can add images, videos, links, and emojis.
  3. This is the area where you can type and add things in an image or video format.
  4. The post setting area is an important area which really needs to consider before making your post like or you can say before clicking to publish button. Post setting area has four major this 
  • Label: Use To Focus Keywords
  • Publishing Date: Use To Schedule Pist
  • Permalink: Create: User And Seo Friendly Post Hyperlink
  • Location: To Target Geo Location As County Or State
  • Options: To Allow Or Disallow Comments In the Post

Now finally you need to review everything and preview things how it would look like when it will be published.

After assuring everything you can click on publish button,

Now your first blog post on Blogger is live and can access on the internet at your blog URL.

Wrap Up

Now you know how to start a free blog with blogger.com.

With this blog post, I try to cover how to write a blogger, so any beginner can start their own blog free of cost.

I tried to help you with this blog so you guys can follow your passion and don’t have to worry about hectic technical things for setting up a blog.

If you like my effort feel free to share. And comment if you have any questions.

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