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Fashion Blogging 2023: Beginner’s Guide

A preferable and favourable matter of fact for any beginner fashion lover is to know how to start a fashion blog of their own.

Yeah, I think you can use your “passion for fashion” in a blog.

And you must have asked this.

So, How is this perfect guide blog post gonna help you to do so? 

After good research on this topic, I am going to answer this with my will and knowledge now.

In this guide blog post,

I am going to tell you everything to know about how to start a fashion blog. This will help any beginner blogger who has a blank idea in their mind.

start a fashion blog

From choosing the best fashion niche to buying your own suitable domain and hosting plan.

It is worth buying a domain and hosting to start your own blog to make yourself professional and serious about your passion.

I’ll tell you how to set up your first fashion blog. How you will start creating content for your first fashion blog.

You can also use the growth strategy recommended for growing your fashion blog.

You can monetise your blog with or without your own product.

The Steps For How To Start A Fashion Blog Are As Follows

There are really a few good step-by-step processes.

If You can follow so you can start your own fashion blog like a pro.

But if you know how to start a fashion blog without proper planning and a road map this will really become a hectic task for you.

I think if you are a fashion or style lover you have more interest and enthusiasm than others who are not.

So you need to use this enthusiasm as your plus point in this whole journey you need to analyse the way other bloggers do this and how you can make yourself apart and different in the crowd.

So Here I am listing all the important aspects every beginner fashion blogger should consider and apply to succeed in his or her fashion blog at a pro level.

Get Idea Realisation

Make your idea more for the fashion industry oriented. Whatever kind of blog you are going to start you need to figure it out well.

You need to understand what works and what not works in the fashion blog.

There are so many niches around this big fashion niche, so if you can be specialised in the specific one it will work better.

Check whether your idea is someone already doing it or not? And how they are working is the idea really provides good benefits later stage.

Do Some Market Research

I would always come to do some market research before starting anything online because if you do so you can deep dive into terms of sales and marketing and also in money-making terms too.

You should always need to understand your own business model or market which you are going to deal with.

You can take help from google trends, buzz sumo and you can test your idea with social media ads or polls. Or you can use survey money to do some surveys on your niche.

Select Suitable Niche

After completing the above two processes you are now finally to divide which niche you are going to work for your blog and how you can make proper planning and execution of day-to-day blogging on it.

For example, there are so many options to start a fashion blog you can choose only men’s fashion, women’s fashion, teenage fashions blog, Maternity fashion, vintage style etc.

Once you finalise your niche selection for your blog then you need to move ahead next step which is blog existence.

Make Your Blog Exist

To make your blog exist you need to start thinking about the name for the blog and buy a domain name for it.

So accordingly in this process, you also need to check whether the domain name is available or not for the selected name of your own blog.

If you can not get the ‘ name with .com” domain you can try others like .org, .net .online etc.

Once you get the domain name available you need to buy it but stop, why you are buying it if you can avail your domain name free of cost.

Want to know how? Yeah, you can do it as we know if anyone can separately buy the domain name but you also have to buy the hosting after that.

Hence I would recommend you to go with the hosting first because they are providing the domain name for the first year totally free of cost.

So if you found the domain name available just noted it down, and start looking for the best hosting company and their plan where they are providing a domain name free.

But don’t worry I did this for you already to save you valuable money and time in selecting the best hosting company and their plan.

I am recommending the best hosting provider as a HOSTINGER which is providing a 1-year domain free in their hosting plan.

Take Control Of Your Blog (Get WordPress)

This step is important if you want your blog looks professional and you can get control over all of your blog.

From adding a contact form to your homepage WordPress will solve all your requirements for your fashion blog if you learn WordPress very well.

To start with WordPress you only have to check whether your hosting provider already installed WordPress in your hosting or now if not you need to install it yourself.

Give Your Blog An Outfit (Select The WordPress Theme)

Once you got the WordPress installed and you get the login details just login into your WordPress admin dashboard.

Now the first and foremost thing you are about to look a beautiful, customisable, mobile-friendly and responsive WordPress theme.

There are lots of options in the free theme section available in WordPress. You can use any one of them that meets your requirements for your fashion blog.

But moreover, all these free themes have limited features or customisation options and for full features, they will charge a yearly licence to you.

But I think it is worth investing in a well-researched theme not every theme meets your requirements you need to struggle to find it out. 

Therefore I have again done it for you, I am listing the best freemium(Free+Premum) themes that meet your blog needs.

You can use themes for your blog:

  • Astra
  • GeneratePress
  • Neve
  • Sydney

Build Your 3C’s(Content Consistency Calendar)

I called this strategy 3’c of blogging which is a content consistency calendar, these three are three different but interdependent subjects of matter you really need to consider to make your journey successful for blogging.

As you know for any blogging niche its content is the important part, and your consistency to generate it on regular basis attaches your readers to you.

To make your content consistent you need a tracking tool like the calendar to manage all your upcoming planned content for future dates and scheduled dates and times to publish it. 

Start Writing Compelling Blog Posts

It’s time to start writing, you need to practice and write at least 1000 words of blog posts or more days so you can either post your blog daily or biweekly basis.

You also have to be careful while writing your blog post it should be the reader’s point of view not only the search engine’s point of view.

You need to optimise your post but not over-optimise your content.

Also careful for duplicated or plagiarised content, make unique and informative trustworthy content for your readers try to include facts and figures to make your blog post more engaging.

Add a table of content and try to make your post clear that clarify and justify your blog titles.

Improve Your SEO Of Blog

 Now it’s time to optimise your blog site as you are posting your content regularly do remember the content should be SEO optimised too.

If you are using WordPress and before publishing it you can check your Yoast SEO score or Rank Math Score and make the changes accordingly to make your content or post SEO friendly.

You can use other tools like all-in-one SEO too for that.

To make your blog search engine friendly you also need to work on the blog loading speed and user interface of your blog.

Kick Start Your Blog Marketing Strategy

In terms of marketing your blog, you need to be aware of the basic concept of internet marketing like SEO, SMO and PPC.

You need to start learning how you can leverage search engines to grow your blog traffic and social media sites to make more presence and engagement on your blog.

You can also run paid complaints on your blogs if you want and have the potential to invest in your blog ads.

As you are a fashion or style blogger you should outreach other fashion bloggers or bloggers and ask for a guest post too this will help you to boost your blog traffic and authenticity.

The traffic on social media is already out there you only have to learn how to mould that social media traffic to your blog post.

To make it possible you need to be social media active and allow yourself to contribute time and effort with creativity to make your social presence more valuable.

So increase your follower count so you can mould your social traffics to your blog or vice versa.

Apply Some Email Optin To Build Your Email List

As you are getting some initiate good amount of traffic in your blog now it’s time to retain your blog traffic by converting traffics into email subscriber through email beautiful opt-ins.

You can share free goodies in exchange for sharing the email. It could be your fashion master guide or a top hacks of beauty tips or anything related to your niche that get your email subscriber.

Build your email list it will help you to reach them when you want or when you post a new blog post or want to share some of your own products for sale.

These are your real reader those are your subscriber who wants to connect with your blogging journey.

Analyse What Works Or What Not, What Needs To Improve

The next most important part of the whole blogging journey is always to try to track your activities while you are blogging.

Always check what works or what does not while your blog takes help from books, guides and other informative blog posts that guide you and take help from internet resources too.

Be technically aware of this internet marketing area along with the process of blogging to start and grow you also work on your analytical thinking.

You have to install analytics too for your blog and analyse your whole readers and blog performance to improve day by day.

Time To Earn With Your Blogging

Now you know the major part of blogging from starting to getting traffic into it but know what is most important if you have your blog and you are getting good traffic and subscriber.

You can make money through your fashion blog.

You can partner with well-known brands and share their product on your own blog.

I would suggest you always try to recommend what will be best for your readers not only for the money-making purpose.

You can do affiliate marketing for them and can write a sponsored post for them. You can join a good affiliate marketplace.


With this blog post, I tried to answer the topic of how to start a fashion blog with my best efforts.

Hope this blog post will cover the important aspect for any aspiring or beginner fashion blogger to solve their query to start and make their blogging journey successful.

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