how to monetise a blog

How To Monetise A Blog

This is really important for any beginner blogger who has really started their own blog or grown it to a good traffic level.

Then this must be a reasonable question for them how to monetise a blog?

Now if you consider this post for a beginner blogger who is struggling to monetise his traffic in the best profitable way then you are right but it might also apply to blogging experts.

This blog post will help to understand how many ways to monetise anyone’s blog traffic.

How bloggers or publisher monetise their blogs here with this post you will get the right idea about it.

I am listing the best ways how to monetise a blog here in chronological order I mean how you have to apply this one by one parallel as your blog grows.

There are a few most important ways to know how to monetise a blog that is for beginners:

1. Monetise a Blog by Readers Support

How To Monetise A Blog

You can ask for support for your writing by applying a buy me a coffee page or Button.

You can ask for a small contribution from your reader between $1 to $5 to support your valuable writing and information that you mostly publish for them.

Tell them you want to help more to your reader but if you need your reader’s support they definitely help you. It’s a mutual growth for both.

This really works if your readers are supportive because I think this is not a big amount you are asking to contribute to support your writing from where readers’ pocket point of view.

Also, the important fact is that you are asking for support to help not for your living right.

So I think there is nothing wrong when it comes to asking for support from your reader if you need it.

2. Monetise a blog By Building an Email List

Before knowing how to monetise a blog it is important to build a good email list too.

Email is an important way to communicate with your readers personally if they allow it.

You can ask for the email for your newsletter subscription or free valuable giveaway that provides some value instead of their email.

This email can be used to get updates and aware the reader of your new blog post.

Event or any new thing that you come up with in your blog so the reader can easily get aware of it.

And so they can leverage it as you do all this for them. Now when the time to use their email is for monetisation.

Hence email marketing is the best way to start earning.

You can help your reader by providing the best suggestion for the software, tools, product or information.

You can make your email subscription gated with a small premium for the subscription.

So you can get monetise your email by recommending the first and foremost topic directly to your loyal reader.

There are lots of email marketing tools out there to help you to build your email list and automate it.

I personally recommend the best of them are Convertkit, AWeber, and MailChimp.

As you know at first when you started your blog you have less traffic in your blog how will you monetise that traffic.

You can start building the email list by offering some valuable guides or tips or tricks, ebooks etc. 

3. Monetise a Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way if you are looking at how to monetise a blog and its traffic when you don’t have your own product.

If You don’t want to be in a state situation to build your own product or service to sell it is the best way.

As you grow a good amount of email list and traffic to your blog.

For example, if you have a food blog you can affiliate with the kitchen items or food processor you use.

So When do we need to start joining and using the affiliate programs?

I don’t recommend this from day one but if you want you can it is better if you start with some traffic or after building some email list.

Like 1000 Users per day on your blog then you can start joining and applying for good affiliate programs as per the niche of your blog.

Always keep in mind the affiliate you join should be within or nearby the niche of your blog and you also have tried and tested that affiliate product or service you recommend.

This really builds trust in your reader and also value for them so they can contribute by using your affiliate to get compensation for your efforts for them.

There are options from low to high-paying affiliates whatever should you can join them and use them in your blog content or email.

There are also so many options for recurring affiliate programs that are really worth joining.

The recurring programme really helps the blogger to stay longer by getting small compensation until the buyer is connected with the product or service of the organisation you are affiliated with.

4. Monetise A Blog By Selling Your Own Product (Digital Or Physical)

If you are able to build your own product and able to manage the inventory and order then you can definitely sell the physical products.

Selling a product should serve your reader’s point of view.

Like you can sell T-shirts, and Coffee mugs with your blog community to show them they are part of your blog community.

Along with the blog readers, a community or group within your blog is also necessary.

Mostly the buyer of your product would be your connected reader with your personal community.

For this, you also need to gain knowledge of eCommerce websites and how they work.

I would recommend Shopify if you are a beginner and want to create an eCommerce page or store within your blog.

5. Monetise A Blog By Start Selling EBooks

Selling ebooks is also a good way to generate money through your blog. 

Only you need to create an ebook on a particular field or narrow field and give detailed content information as a pdf.

For example, if your blog is mostly related to Italian cuisine you can create a recipe book for it and sell it.

Or like your blog on social media marketing then you can create a Facebook marketing guidebook with detailed information in a pdf format and sell it to your audience.

But I really suggest always trying to create an ebook related to your blog niche so you can sell it to your reader and in most cases, your readers are true buyers of your ebook.

And the most important thing try to think of a pocket-friendly price for your ebook so most of the readers can afford it. 

6. monetise A blog By Start Selling Courses

You need to create a course on a specialised topic on which you are experts.

Once you created it module by module and topic and subtopic wise you can be ready to sell it.

But before you gonna do that you need to convert it into eBook format or PDF format.

Or you can create the course as a video lecture and give access to the readers after paying the subscription or course fee.

It might be a one-time fee that can if someone avails the course for lifetime access. 

7. Start Selling Digital Products

Try to sell a digital product of your own.

Digital products can be anything that comes in a digital format like audio content, video content, ebooks, content in pdf, content in ppt, data in word files, data in excel sheets, Images, or sounds.

You can sell to your audience or reader these digital forms of valuable data if you have anything to share or sell to your audience.

But Do not sell any digital illegal products that cause problems to your blog.

8. Google Ad Sense (Google Ads for Publishers)

Once you have a good amount of traffic you can monetise those traffic by showing google ads on your blogs.

This can be done by signing in with the google Adsense account and applying for your blog to qualify as per the google policy for the AdSense account.

Once you get approval your blog will start showing ads by google on your blog and you will start earning through it when visitors click on these and visit these ads.

9. Sell Ad Space for Banner Ad

Now it’s time to manage ad space in your blog and sell your ad space to the companies that are looking for the ad space in your blog.

But it might be possible these can be effective if your blog has a good source of quality and quantity of traffic. 

10. Sponsored Post Or Sponsors Ads

You can start earning through sponsor posts for that you need to create a sponsor page and media kit on your blog.

Try to attract your sponsor by creating high-quality content. Do some research or look at your competitors who are sponsoring them.

Find brands you want to work with or sponsor them.

Try to connect with an email along with your sponsor pitch to the brands to be featured in your blog post or blog ads.

Always maintain a good relationship so you get more responses for future recommendations or sponsors. 


When any beginner blogger started their journey they must have a curiosity about earning through the blog.

A blog is really a good way to earn but if it can be done by professionals.  

Therefore with this blog post, I tried to cover the major blog monetisation tactics that can be usable or applicable to any blogger.

Now I hope you know how to monetise a blog as a beginner.

Hope you have enjoyed reading it.

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