How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2023

How to make money online is the trending question among people in this rapidly changing world.

People are truly worried and willing to know how to make money online.

Because now a day a second source of income or say a passive income is an act like a backup.

After passing the deadline pandemic time people are worried if this kind of condition coming again.

Because it teaches many of us to have another backup source of income with the present job.

You may have considered ways to generate money online if you’re searching for a side source of income or a fresh concept.

The most astute people are aware that earning money online is a fantastic opportunity to escape the 9–5 grind and provide you with the flexibility to live anywhere you like or explore the world.

You may work on it from the convenience of your home, either full- or part-time.

Therefore I am writing this post to educate you on this topic for my reader so you would know how many ways one can earn money online as a beginner.

Top 21 Ways On How To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2023

Here I’m going to discuss the major long-term ways to make money online for beginners.

This will help those who want to start a side hustle for making money online and want to create a passive income for living part-time or full-time.

Start A Blog

You need to start blogging as a beginner and gradually increase your readership.

Start learning how to monetise a blog and make your blog an earning source of income.

If you are well expert on a specific topic and you are blogging on it you can also make a book or course for that and sell it to your blog readers.

A popular way to monetise a blog is affiliate marketing.

You can also use Google AdSense to show ads on your blog and monetise it. You can make money by renting the ad space of your blog.

Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is a new way to build your identity and online presence. Podcasts are more popular than ever before.

The prime reason behind the popularity of podcasts is the ease of accessing them. Podcasts can be listened to on the move.

Many enjoy listening to podcasts as they do their laundry or make dinner.

You can monetise your podcast by recommending sponsor products or services in your podcast.

Provide affiliate links in the description of the podcast.

Make A Website

Making a website was a big task in the previous decades but now it’s much easier.

The only thing you need is a creative mindset and knowledge of bit HTML, CSS and javascript.

Nowadays so many website-building platforms are out there. Elementor is one of them.

Elememtor provides you with an easy to create drag n drop website building platform.

You can see the process and appearance of the website while you are making it.

As if you know how to create a website or finish a website you can sell products or services of your own on your website.

Hence making a website can also be the best way to make money online.

Start Youtube Channel

You can start a youtube channel on a specific niche, like a travel vlog, tech reviews vlog, or DIY tips.

You can also start an educational channel on youtube.

Once you build good followers strength you can monetise your youtube channel by activating youtube ads.

You can leverage affiliate marketing and sponsor the promotion of products or services.

Start An E-commerce Store

If you have a specific product to sell you can start an e-commerce website.

You can start making money by selling online physical products of your own created and crafted.

For example, a clay pot maker can create beautiful products and can sell them by creating an e-commerce website.

For this, You need to learn first how to make an e-commerce store to sell products online.

Start Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is much easier than setting up an e-commerce store.

However, it is more likely that here you do not need to worry about product inventory management.

This is a business model where you can sell other products on your store’s website.

You can learn how to start dropshipping and set up an online store for yourself.

Grow your dropshipping store by learning marketing tactics and you can start creating good money online by selling other companies products.

Buy And Sell Domain

It is a very old strategy but still works. You can start buying and selling domains and earn a profit.

This is the oldest way to make money online.

You can register yourself with Namecheap and start buying and selling domains.

I recommend Namecheap because it has a better interface so you can easily park your domain for sale.

They cut a percentage of sales but make it easier for you to sell and transfer your domain to the buyer. 

Publish eBooks

If you are an aspiring writer you can start writing a book and publish it to make money online.

There is no need to be a renowned author to publish a book now you can take a platform like amazon kindle, or Goodreads to publish your book and start earning a review when someone buys it.

You can write a book on your life story, non-fiction, expertise or self-help book and easily publish it to the market.

It is a recurring source of passive income online. 

Become Influencer

As you know the word influencer has become more popular than the word celebrity influencer in the internet media.

They are the people who are making an impression on the masses through their art, skill or knowledge.

Instagram is a popular platform among influencers.

Another popular one that makes a big impact on the influencer industry is TikTok.

You can be a social influencer and make money online by getting sponsors and affiliate products.

But try to promote only those products you personally use and are authentic else your authority might get hurt due to only non-valuable product promotion.

Start Freelancing

You can make money online by starting freelancing your skills.

Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer, are good choices for many freelancers out there in the world.

They are taking projects and accomplishing them to make money.

Many of them are doing this as a full-time career.

Clients come up with the task you only need to create your gig and place a bid for the project once the bid is accepted by the client.

you can ask for partial payment for the work to start and the remaining once the task is completed.

Become Stock Trader

Becoming a stock trader is a lucrative way to earn money online but in this,

I would recommend you indulge yourself with proper knowledge else you may suffer a loss too.

Proper knowledge and guidance in day trading can help you to earn more and minimise your losses in stock trading.

You can check the guide and video tutorial on stock market trading from udemy.

Better to take courses on it and learn first.

Buy And Flip Websites

You can not even buy you can also build and flip websites into online marketplaces.

These marketplaces are best to buy and sell your website because like-minded people are there in the form of groups or communities.

You can make this strategy to make money online. Many people are in the marketplaces already doing it.

I would recommend you first learn how they are dealing with this and take guides from the community and forums they put your hands into it.

Teach Students Online

After increasing the way online communication and online conferencing software and video meeting tools you can make start your expertise in an online coaching platform.

Where you can either join a third-party company to teach students or you can start your own small online coaching centre for your expertise.

The reach of your now can be anywhere in the world this can benefit you not only teaching your local student but even around the world.

This can make a good source of making money online through your expertise.

Become a Content Writer

Becoming a content writer is the best way to earn money online through your writing skills.

This is the best way to earn because in this only you need a good device and an internet connection.

You can work from anywhere you want from a home to a holiday home. You can work and travel.

The writing profession is the best and most lucrative way to earn money online many companies and organisations are ready to hire content writers on a full or part-time basis.

This is a profession you can do it remotely. You can provide consultancy services too. 

Create an Online Course

Online course creation in the form of video or text can be a source of making money online. You can create a course and sell it online.

You can take help with social media marketing to sell your online courses.

But you need to create good valuable course material or content so people can like it, or else your refund percentage will increase.

You need to create valuable content so you can put in a money-back guarantee for this.

Hence making online by creating online courses can be a good start.

You can also use your blog youtube channel or podcast to be aware of the audiences of your courses. 

Become a Graphic Designer

It is a really interesting field your creativity pays you off.

If you are good at art design and making good logo designs, websites and graphics you can start your career as a graphic designer.

You can learn it from various online learning platforms too if you have an interest in and passion for designing.

Nowadays graphic designers are in demand.

You can also use this skill and join the freelancing platform to take on projects and earn.

Company and organisation also outsource their projects to individual freelance graphic designers too. It is a very lucrative way for earning.

One can earn from $5 to $500 or more by doing graphic designing for a single project like logo design or creating graphics.

Become a Website Developer

If you have good programming and coding skills, if you can learn or know already HTML, CSS, and Java Scrips you can build a website.

You can be a website developer and start earning online by taking projects from clients.

This can be said a way to make money online by learning and becoming a website developer.

You can also work full-time or part-time with companies and organisations.

Some companies are ready to hire skilful people around the work and work 100% remotely. 

Start Video Game Streaming

If you are a gaming pro then you can start streaming your live gaming. There are platforms you can live your game and start earning money.

There is a dedicated platform named Twitch where many gamers stream their gaming session to the public.

Whereas youtube and Facebook are also popular for live gaming or streaming.

Where you can earn money through donations or chat coins.

Create A Membership Site Or App

You can create a useful site or app that works like an online tool then you can also make a membership for the user of that site or app.

You can build a good amount of revenue through it. 

Start Social Media Management Services

If you like to use social media and passes a major time on it.

If you know how it works then you can make this an income source online.

By providing services to people or businesses for social media management you can start earning a good amount of income online.

You only need to create a price plan and start selling your services to various marketplaces or social media groups or communities.

If you are social media expert you know it well.


Now it’s time to conclude this post on how to make money online for beginners.

I think you have enjoyed reading all these ways to online earning.

I would say these are important and good ways to start as a beginner.

But you need to know yourself and stick to any one of the above for the long run.

You are certain or eventually see the results of making money online.

Hope you guys enjoyed it then just do comment and share my blog post to needful once.

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