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Building Your WordPress Website in 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

I have decided to write a blog post on how to make a WordPress website.

This is my subject expert domain.

I am really happy to help you with this valuable guidepost.

This post is going to be helpful for beginners, or small business owners.

And more to those who need a website for their online credible identity as a website.

A website is really necessary because it’s a place where total control of the overall content of the website is yours. 

Someone needs a website for their personal use or for their personal brand.

At this point, many of us are really worried and confused about where to start.

I will cover the points that are important to learning how to make a WordPress website.

What is a WordPress website?

WordPress is a user-friendly content management system (CMS).

This is a free open-source platform. It helps you to build beautiful websites and blogs for your business and personal use. 

It has various features because it has Add-on features in the form of themes and plugins. 

In 2021, WordPress will be used to power 39.5 percent of all websites, up from 35 percent in 2020.

WordPress has a market share of 64.1 percent when just including sites that employ a content management system (CMS).

Why Should We Choose WordPress To Make A Website?

The primary reason lots of users use WordPress and want to know how to make a WordPress website is that it is free of cost and easily accessible.

It’s a ready-to-use content management system that enables a powerful user interface to build a website.

WordPress is very much popular with bloggers and news content publishers. 

This has flexibility and adaptability, someone can use WordPress to build a website, blog, and even an eCommerce store.

It supports various themes and plugging that makes it more customizable and powerful to use.

WordPress also supports the integration of other web apps. It is secure and safe. WordPress websites are mobile-friendly. 

Now it’s a really bit confusing to the user when we talk about WordPress. Because we also need to differentiate wordpress.org and wordpress.com 

Let’s Understand What Is The Difference Between These Two And Which One Is Best To Choose.

Difference Between WordPress.org And WordPress.com

WordPress.org (Recommended) is an open-source platform where things are totally free.

You can simply install it on your personal hosting provider and make your account with wordpress.org so you can simply host your blog on it.

You only need a personal domain and hosting to buy from hosting providers like Bluehost and site ground.

While wordpress.com is also available in free and paid modes but the free option is totally not worth it if you are really serious about your website or blog.

Wordptress.com paid version provides more options that can really help you to build a website. 

WordPress.com’s primary difference from WordPress is, It controls the whole of your website from taking a domain to hosting.

It is easier to start but has less freedom of control over your website.

Now sticking to the topic I am going to guide you on how to start a WordPress website.

I think you are aware of the basic things about WordPress.

How To Make A WordPress Website in Just 8 Steps

There are a few important steps by step processes.

If you give attention to the details in these steps you will easily learn how to make a WordPress website.

1. Define Your Website Purpose

It is really good if you analyze your buyer persona and select your niche or define the nice on which you want to start your own website.

If your website belongs to a business, do some competitor analysis.

If it isn’t then try to select the niche that really helps you to be apart from the red ocean of these web niches. 

Try to be unique, useful, and searchable topics.

After getting the purpose and you need a domain and hosting to learn how to make a WordPress website.

2. Buy A Domain Name

If you already thought of the name of your website or blog that you want to start then just check whether the associated name is available to buy as a domain name or not.

You can check this with Bluehost, GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc like domain name providers, if it is available just buy a domain name

You can buy with the domain name extension .com (preferable) or country-specific domains like .us, .ca, .au (country-specific TLDs that help you to target the traffic most of your native country) else .com or org. ,, net .online is used worldwide. 

3. Buy A Hosting Plan For Your Website

Once you are done with buying your domain name.

You can now simply have to buy a hosting plan.

In most cases, the domain name provides also provides hosting services that really make it easy and helpful to set up and synchronize the domain and hosting.

And therefore most hosting-providing companies give offer free domain names for 1st year with their hosting plan if you buy with them.

Bluehost is one of them to provide domain names free with their hosting plan if you buy it. It also provides SSL along with the plan totally free for the first year.

I would recommend this will be the best option if you want to buy a domain name, hosting, and SSL in one place. This is easy to manage and affordable.

4. Install WordPress First To Learn How To Make a WordPress Website

In most cases, the hosting providers now provide preinstall WordPress facility but if this isn’t available try to install it and buy your own.

If it is preinstalled then you will get the username and password already to your email once you complete the purchase of hosting.

They can provide you with a username and password for the Cpanel where you can log in and install it by yourself.

5. Customize Your WordPress By Installing Themes

Customization is the most important part when you are learning how to make a WordPress website.

Once you installed your WordPress you will log in to it your WordPress dashboard.

Where you will get the option to select themes and plugins to make your website more beautiful.

6. Install Plugins Into Your WordPress

Make your WordPress website more functional and powerful by installing the plugin in your WordPress.

Plugin help to support your website with more features like add-ons.

You can make a contact form by installing Contact Form 7 Plugin, and SEO improvement by installing Yoast SEO plugin.

This way you can improve your site by adding plugins but do not overcrowd it with plugins and use only those plugins that are compatible and best to use.

7. Start Creating Important Pages and Posts

By clicking on the Add New on the page section of the sidebar menu of WordPress you can add pages.

Start making important pages like  Home, About, Contact, Services, etc.

You can also create a blog section for your website by adding a blog page as a blog.

Start adding posts through Add New Post on the sidebar menu for Post.

8. Don’t Forget To back up Your WordPress Website

There is a backup plugin that helps you to create backups of your blog.

Whenever you need to take a backup before experimenting with anything new.

I suggest you take backups before taking any action further on it.

End Note

I hope this post will guide you to cover the important aspects of learning how to make a WordPress website.

I will try to keep posting WordPress-related content for more clarity.

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