It is not a surprise nowadays if we talk about having a website of our own, for our business, or even if we make a query on Google for how to make a website online. 

With the help of a website, anyone can sell their products or services online or create a personal presence or portfolio online and build trust while reaching and connecting to customers, giving their brand or business the visibility it requires.

Website development and design is a big task if we do not know the web programming language or don’t have web designing skills.

But this is a myth nowadays. Now we have lots of website-making platforms where we do not need to be coding experts. 

There are so many reasons to create a website.

For example, a website can give you the freedom to work from anywhere.

You can showcase your portfolio, create passive income, take your business online, share your skills, connect with new people, share your passion, and help others.

These are some of the advantages of having your own website.

Through this blog, I am going to post an easy, step-by-step guide on how to make a website online.

This blog post is for small business owners or online business beginners looking to build a website or get guidance for it.

Before we start the steps of building in just a few steps, we recommend that you plan your website because whatever we are going to build does possess a purpose and we have to make that purpose successfully achievable.

Build a solid goal, and define and understand your buyer personas. customer interest and niche related.  

Then I can proceed with the steps, which are: 

how to create a website without writing Codes

If you really think is possible to create a website without coding skills then I would say somehow yeah it is possible. If you understand these steps given below.

Get Your Domain Name Registered.

First and foremost, important steps to creating a website include having a website name that reflects you or your business, if you are creating your personal website or your business website, respectively. 

Important aspects before selecting a domain name are that it should be short, easy to type and use keywords that reflect your product, services, or individual.

Target your geolocation, avoid numbers and hyphens, should be easy to remember, and use the appropriate domain extension (e.g.,.com,.org,.co,.net ).

We recommend Bluehost for your domain name to get registered. Bluehost provides a free domain name for one year if you buy a hosting plan with it. 

how to make a website

Buy hosting space to create a website.

To make any website online, we need hosting services to host it on their servers. Then it will be visible on the internet world.

If someone searches for your domain name, your website will be shown once you get hosted by the best hosting provider. 

We recommend Bluehost as the best hosting provider because it starts at just $2.95 a month with a free domain name for a year and also provides a free SSL.

You can buy Bluehost hosting in just a few steps. I’m guiding you here.

how to make a website

Install WordPress and Setup

Why are we recommending WordPress? WordPress is a one-stop shop for businesses looking for a simple website with little work and money invested.

WordPress is used by about one-third of all websites on the internet. It’s used by even huge companies like CNN and eBay. 

It has a wide range of themes and layouts. So, it also has the ability to progress to more complicated designs and functionality.

WordPress is a versatile choice for many types of organizations. We are also powered by WordPress.

There are many reasons to choose WordPress for website creation; it is free, it is popular, and it has a community.

It provides themes and plugin options to add and is very easy to understand and use.

Once you buy a hosting plan with Bluehost, WordPress will be automatically downloaded to your hosted server by default.

After purchasing the Bluehost plan, it will prompt you to choose a WordPress theme. 

how to make a website

You only have to select the theme. Enter your name and tagline for your website. You will get started with WordPress in minutes.

After completing the above details, click Next. Bluehost will install WordPress and, once it is completed, it will be shown as 

A login option for your WordPress account appears. You can log in and enter the WordPress Dashboard of your own website. 

How to make a website by customizing it in WordPress

Now you can change your WordPress theme. I’ll help you with that by showing you the screenshot with directions.

Now you can see in your WordPress dashboard “appearance”. On the left sidebar, you can click on “themes” and then click on “add new themes. 

You’ve got a variety of options for free themes. One can also filter out which niche themes you need. You can explore and choose for yourself by testing them. 

You can install the theme by clicking on “install”.

After installing the themes, you can now create pages by clicking on pages on the left sidebar and clicking on “add a new page.”

For example, you can name it and create a new page for each: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services, etc. 

Go to Settings » Reading in your WordPress admin panel after you’ve created a page.

Choose A static page from the dropdown menu in the Your Homepage displays option, then select the page you wish to display as your front page from the dropdown menu.

Click the Save Changes button when you’re finished.

Now Install Elementor Plugin and set up your builder page.

Elementor is a powerful builder that can create a beautiful website for you without coding skills. It’s a very simple drag-and-drop feature used in the plugin.

Now you can go to the plugin (plugins are like add-on features for WordPress.

WordPress plugins can improve your site’s functionality, assist you in achieving your goals, and provide a better user experience for your visitors.

If you are worried about what a website builder is then here I am clarifying it in these words.

“A website builder is an online platform that allows you to develop websites in modules using pre-built templates and interface elements. “

Get an option and download the builder plugin “Elementor”. It is a website builder plugin that you can use to create customizable layouts.

It also provides pre-built layouts, so you can use them and just edit them. 

All options on such a platform are visible, making navigating easier – yet because the user has no access to the site’s code, customization options are limited. “for example, Elementor, etc.

After installing it, you can now use it. For the pages you have created now, you can open them by clicking “Edit with the Elementor” and you can either create your own customized pages from scratch or use a pre-built layout to create your website pages.

Design your website with the help of a website builder.

It will provide you with a customizable interface so you can easily create blocks of pages and be able to add pictures, colours, content, graphics, titles, and headings.

You can customize the whole website with just a drag-and-drop and edit feature.

Test and Launch Your Website.

Before we are going to launch our website, we need to check some useful points. Here’s a before-launch checklist you can follow to prevent you from launching your website before it’s ready. Check out the list below and before you make your website live, make sure you can check off each step.

  • Check for Content Errors – Be careful about small errors such as spelling mistakes, and grammar mistakes. You can use Grammarly before posting any content on your website. Be sure it’s easy to read. 
  • Secure Your Website – Be sure you have installed “HTTPS” with your domain or you can buy an SSL for your website. Install a security plugin for your site like Sucuri.
  • Test Links: – Test all of the links and be sure they work and direct you to the correct pages. It includes your site navigation, button links, or links within the content.
  • Check important pages – make sure you have all the important pages such as a home page, about, contact page, privacy policy page, terms & conditions page, etc.
  • Check Images – Be sure your images appear on your site, are optimized, and have alt texted.
  • Optimize Your Site for SEO – Install a plugin like Yoast SEO in order to optimize your website for SEO.
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