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Accelerate Your Blog’s Growth in 2023: Proven Strategies for Rapid Expansion

Worried to grow your blog fast and nothing works? This is happening because you are not using the right ways to grow a blog or need to learn how to grow a blog quickly in 2023.

I want to tell you growing a blog is difficult and time taking but not impossible.

You can grow your blog quickly if you follow some essential ways to improve blog growth.

I am going to cover some important checklists that need to be considered seriously to know how to grow a blog.

Best Checklist For How To Grow A Blog Quickly

Here I am writing some best checklists and techniques that can help you to know how to grow a blog.

Check Blog Linked With Webmaster Or Not

First I would suggest you check whether your blog is linked with major search engine webmaster platforms or not. 

Because it is essential before knowing how to grow your blog it must be available in search results. 

Because if you are linked your blogs with the webmaster you will easily check your blog issues with search engine indexing and crawling. 

So you can appear in most search engines in the right ways. It will increase your blog presence. 

I would recommend linking your blog with various webmasters like Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster (It covers yahoo, MSN and Bing searches), Yandex etc.

Check Your ON Page SEO Analysis 

It is recommended to regularly check your SEO analysis so you can get aware of the specific webpage or post issue. This is really a major factor to know how to grow a blog.

It might be the problem with your SEO on-page that stops your blog growth. 

Problems like robot.txt, sitemap, title, description length and URL structure are usually major causes for not growing your blog. 

Also, check your content length and content originality in the SEO analysis. 

Check Your Blog Post Readability

Whether you are writing your blog or your editorial team, check the readability score of your content. 

If you can write engaging and valuable content that makes your reader connected and come back again and again. 

Then you are writing your post to your readers. Try to write in a conversational tone. A reader like stories and tries to tell a story and make it personally connected.

It improves your search performance as the user dwell time increases. 

I mean for reducing bounce rent for your webpage or blog post you must write for your user and give them a better readability experience. 

Write curiosity-generating content and headlines that catch the eyeball of your readers. Also, Write scannable content.

Check Your Blog Page Load Speed Fast Or Not

Always keep in mind that the faster the page loads the better the appearance on google. 

It is a really worrying situation if you thinking about how to grow your blog and your website page speed score is very low either on desktop or mobile.

Search engines like faster loading pages and it will improve your ranking in the SERP so your blog traffic increase and you will grow your blog traffic. 

Make Your Blog Easy To Use

Try to make your blog layout easy to understand, place a search box, and better navigation option for your overall blog. 

Your blog must be mobile friendly I mean your blog works better on mobile loads fast and navigation is easy. For how to grow a blog it really needs to know the blog navigation important factor need to keep attention it.

Check Your Image Is Optimised With Alt Tag

Images in the blog should load faster and use the latest image format for your blog post like the web. Also do not forget to leverage the featured images these are very much important. 

These featured images help you to provide your user with a unique view of your while sharing links on social media platforms. 

Use Next Generation WebP images for your blog or convert your JPG or PNG images to the next generation.

Do Not Forget To Create An Email List And Subscribers.

If you know how to grow a blog, you must use your email list building for your readers wisely and try to embed them within the content or sidebar. 

Try not to use it as a popup. It will improve your reader engagement with your email option and you can create subscribers. 

This subscriber is controlled traffic and you can connect with them easily. 

Use Internal Linking As A Habit 

Internal linking helps search engine bots to better navigate and connect all of your blog pages. 

If you make internal linking a habit it will not become a burden one day when you posted lots of posts and you have to do interlinking. 

Internal linking not only improves search bots to navigate it is also useful for the readers and they can engage with most of your posts. 

Engage Your Readers With Commenting

Always respond to the commenters on your blog and engage with them they are your readers and audiences. If you connect with them they must become your loyal readers. They will be the one who reads and share your post and become an important role model to grow your blog.

Use Social Sharing Button

If you use your social sharing button wisely.

It makes better the chances to increase your social sharing and improvement and also your readers count and grow your blog faster.

You need to cut down on the lots of social media buttons and use the most popular social media platform according to your target audience or readers’ availability.

Create a Social Presence And Be Active On One Platform at least. 

If you are a solo blogger and doing all the stuff by yourself you need to be active at least on one of the social media platforms. But try to create your blog’s social presence on most of the major social media platforms.

Find a Community Or Groups And Join Them

Community is the best option to connect with like-minded people and if you connect with the community of your profession.

They help you better with your problem and solution for your blog. Some of the community allows you to share your content and engage with others in the community for help and guest posting.

You can find these groups or communities on major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, quora tumbler etc.

Start Networking And Collab With Other Bloggers

For networking with other blogger try to connect them with their social media profile, I would say Linkedin and Twitter is the best option to build networking with other bloggers.

But First, you can connect with them by visiting their blog and engaging with their blog post or content and doing some blog commenting. 

Be A Contributor To Blogs Within Your Niches

Become a contributor to other blogs or publishing media that helps you to boost your social presence and your blogs. 

You can be a guest post contributor for the other blogs within your niche. 

Always try to provide the best quality work for them too as you want for your blogs.

I would say guest posting is necessary but if you get valuable quality backlinks instead. Try to pitch for guest posts and a quality backlink for authoritative blogs or websites. Always use a formal tone while writing your blog pitch email for guest posts. 

Do Not Let Old Content Faded 

If you have posted lots of blog posts earlier and you notice they are getting faded by the new post count increase. 

You can repost them with some modifications and update your old post.

Publish Niche Oriented Content 

Niche Oriented Content means your post should be around your niche or within your niche or a post that falls somehow in your niche.

A niche can be classified as a broad or narrow type where sometimes someone uses a broad niche that allows them to write more topics around it.

Some use their blog to narrow down and target niches to better leverage their audience with paid courses, subscriptions and services. 

Leverage Pinterest And Make Use Of Infographics

If you can create an infographic of your blog post, it will be very much easier to get traffic from Pinterest for your infographic post. You can transfer your Pinterest followers to your blog for more information or detailed information.

Leverage Quora To Increase Your readers.

Quora is really useful if you are a publisher or blogger who really deals and plays with words. 

You can create your space there to post to discuss your niche and blog topics but especially it is useful to answer the questions asked by the users. 

When you start answering them you will get notices and your space will increase with followers. 

It helps you increase the readers of your quora space and you can also transfer those readers to your blog and increase your blog traffic and growth.

Try To Build Connections With Influencers In Your Niche.

You can also approach the influencers out there in your niche for your blog to mention in their social profile or post.

You can start connecting with the influencer with the lower subscriber one instead of blog mention you can also mention them or write a blog post on their struggle or income or growth and their work. 

Create an Account On The Triber And Make Your Own Community

You can create your account as a blogger and make a community too. Triber is the best option and networking platform for the new blogger who wants blogger outreach. You can send requests and accept requests to make new like-minded friends there. 

How To Grow A Blog By Writing On Medium

You can start writing on the publishing platform Medium.com. Your post will get noticed by the medium readers and they can direct to your blog.

You can also check my post for how to create a blog on medium if you want to know about medium and what is the process to start a medium blog.

Start Blog Commenting

Make blog commenting a habit whenever you read a blog or visit a website where there is an option to comment.

Never hesitate to comment for the same post along with the URL with an anchor text if possible. Blog commenting not only helps you to know how to grow your blog traffic it also builds authority.

Create A Podcast On The Same Niche 

You can create a podcast on the same niche as your blog or any other and you can also mention your blog wherever possible in your audio series so the audience is aware of your blog and engages in more informative ways by searching your blog and reading.

I have also written a post on how to make a podcast you can check and read for a more informative guide on podcasts.

Use Long Tail Keywords 

As you start using long tail keywords you will get better results for your blog post. But keep in my try to use low competitive keywords to start with.

For how to grow a blog it is a must-use technic that you write most of the keywords that are of the low competitive and long tail.

End Note

With this blog post, I tried to solve your problem or say a query about how to grow a blog in 2023. These are the best ways I found worth sharing with you. Majority of techniques or checklists for improving your blog growth. 

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