Are you Struggling with how to find your niche? I know how difficult it would be when you are starting.

You will see everywhere finding a niche is an important step to building a successful business, blog, or e-commerce store.

And you are scratching your head and thinking how on earth will you find your niche.

Hold your horses!

I am here to help you and make your life easier by giving you an exact process that will help you to know how to find your niche.

First I would like to aware of what is niche means in the commercial term.

What Is A Niche?

( In Terms Of Commercial/Business/Online Marketing )

It is a special type of small segment from a big population, audience, reader, buyer avatar that are searching for a particular type of information, interest, product and services.

It really takes care of small specialises part of a bigger crowd.

Now let’s dive into how to find your niche with some working tactics.

Here Are 7 Step Processes On How To Find Your Niche.

I have faith, that there are lots of ways to find your niche but I can only know a few important and effective ones,

And I assure you that these would really be helpful to you to know how to find your niche too.

1. By Discovering Your Passion And Interest

The first step to finding a niche is to start thinking about your passion, and interest.

Take out your notebook and start writing whatever comes to your mind. 

Enjoy this process and list down all your interests. You might be thinking it silly.

Or You are thinking that you can not build a business or blog around that niche. 

But trust me. You can. 

Many successful businesses or blogs are built around it.

You have to write down everything that comes to your mind. Try to write down at least 10 to 12. 

You have no idea. By doing this you can spend your time with yourself and understand yourself better.

When you understand what you want to do in your life. And you build a career in your interest or passion. The chances are, you will thrive in that field and get a huge success. 

But If you choose a niche that you are not passionate about.

In the long run, you will not be able to do it successfully as you feel a lack of motivation.

You don’t want to wake up in the morning as nothing excites you anymore. 

And if you are having difficulty in discovering your passion and interest.


Here are some questions that help you know how to find your niche.

  • What would you do in your free time even if you are not getting paid for it?
  • What do you enjoy doing on weekends that make your heart smile?
  • What topics excite you and do you want to learn more about them?
  •  What are the skills that you are good at?
  • What is the one thing you can do for 5 years without getting bored

I hope this process will help you to know how to find your niche.

2. By Knowing Your Target Audience

The next option:

If you know your target audience or say the buyer persona or customer avatar.

It will help you to select the correct niche which will be a helpful step for how to find your niche.

Because I thought it would guide you to select the right niche if you don’t know anything to find a niche but know who your buyer persona, customer, reader or audience are.

I mean if you know your customer avatar or provide you can sell or serve with the right thing that fits with the different niche. I would like to clarify this with an example.

Eg: As you know a group of the target audience of students in the colleges can choose the target niche around educational stuff for eg: books, study materials, uniforms etc.

I think you got it.

3. By Knowing What Problem You Can Solve

The third way to find your niche is to find the power you have to solve what type of problem you can solve.

So you have to start thinking about how you can solve your audience or customer or avatar’s problem.

The success of any business or blog depends upon truly solving their problem and adding value to their life.

It will be really a helpful way to generate a spark in your mind so you can select your niche or know how to find your niche by knowing your power of solving problems.

4. By Doing Perfect Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is really helpful if you know how to do that. I mean you don’t have to generate a new product or idea that is really new and unique in this world.

You can get inspired and make your product or service ideas from something that already exists in this world.

By doing this you get your niche selected as the idea is already there. As any existed idea, business or service out there in the market has already some big niche or sub-niche associated with it.

You only have to explore it.

Select it wisely by doing good research on the existing product or services and then apply for yourself with the improved and transformed manner or with some USP.

You should know Who is your competitor? What they are doing? , and How do they doing?

That’s all for how to find your niche by doing good competitor research.

5. By Doing Keyword Research

Nowadays, It is a powerful way to know your audiences by doing keyword research. Because most of the user out there in the online world is searching over the internet and search engine like google for their day-to-day life query.

It will help you to know what keywords are associated with products, services or information that are searching for.

That really helps you or guides you to the perfect idea for how to find your niche.

There are lots of useful tools out there for finding or searching keywords but I would recommend Semrus as a better keyword research tool.

It provides better information about the exact number of searches done on a particular keyword. Or you can go with the google keyword planner.

6. By Searching On Flippa

Flippa is an online marketplace for online business owners where there is an option to sell or resell prebuild websites, apps and domains.

The next new and important way I am going to tell you to find your niche is to search for the best website flipping platform flippa.

There are lots of websites, apps and domains there for sale you can check and you can check out and visit this website with their profitability.

So You can get an idea of what kind of niche is good for you to start with.

7. Using Social Media Or Online Platform

Social media is really the fastest way to connect with anyone out there in the internet era.

You can also find niche-oriented brands, services, products or information by searching over social media.

You can join, and follow them to know what they are providing valuable information, services or product.

Because so many businesses, brands and personalities and groups are active on social media and I thought it would be a great place to find your niche.

List Of Blog Post Niche Ideas

I am going to list out some blog niche ideas to select so you don’t need to worry a lot. The list of niches is:

  1. Skills For Public Speaking Niche
  2. Niche For Entertainment
  3. Beginner’s Manuals
  4. Niche For Healthy Eating Blogs
  5. Niche Of Apartment Life
  6. Niche Of Listicles
  7. Horticulture Niche
  8. Niche For Interior Design
  9. Niche Photography
  10. Speciality For Quick Language Learning
  11. Farming Specialty
  12. Health Sector
  13. Quizzes/Contests Niche
  14. Blog Niche And Web Design
  15. Gift-Related Niche
  16. Niche Of Yoga
  17. Niche For Game Development
  18. How To Approach The Trip Photography And Videography Market
  19. Niche For Amazon Affiliate Websites
  20. Blogging About Particular Food Types
  21. Fashion Industry
  22. Writing Stream
  23. Venting Niche
  24. Historic Period
  25. Cricket’s Friendship Niche
  26. Bullying And Cyberbullying In Sports Automotive Maintenance
  27. Politics Specialty
  28. A Niche For Advocacy And Charity
  29. Specialised Video Game Lessons
  30. Aquatic Niche
  31. Personal Tales Niche, Communication Skills Speciality
  32. Ecotourism Industry
  33. Personal And Self-Development
  34. Diy Education Projects In Niche Bacon Market Niche
  35. How-To Market
  36. Developing A Niche For Small Businesses
  37. Niche For Real Estate
  38. Niches For Interviews, Vegetarianism, And Event Blogs
  39. Niche Of Virtual Reality
  40. Niche In Technology
  41. Child Disorders As A Niche
  42. Niche For Marriage
  43. Travel Sector
  44. Coupons/Cashback/Deals Specialty For Music
  45. Football Specialty
  46. Recipes Market
  47. Male And Female Communication Niche Language Learning Niche
  48. Top Of The Niche
  49. Mythbusters Industry
  50. Connected To Families Niche (Improving The Relationship Between Parents And Siblings)
  51. Animated Gifs And Memes
  52. Children’s Entrepreneurial Education
  53. Empowering The Mind Niche
  54. News/Content Curation Sourced Niche
  55. Recipes For Childless Couples
  56. Self-Sufficient Lifestyle Market
  57. Niche For Bodyweight Training
  58. Teach/Learn Specialty For Religion
  59. Niche For Self-Employment
  60. Specialty Of Ghost Hunting
  61. Niche Of Disc Golf
  62. Niche For Self-Defense
  63. Niche For Product Reviews
  64. Niche For Training Dogs
  65. Niche For Personal Financial Management
  66. Cycling Idiom
  67. Traveling And Tennis Niche
  68. Parenting Advice Market


Doing all the above stuff I can really hope for sure that you will really know how to find your niche. I hope this blog post really guides you in the better and with new ways to find your niche to start.