If You are passionately searching for how to become a travel blogger.

Then you are at the right place. We are going to answer this here in this blog post.

This is a short guide for how to become a travel blogger, if you need an ultimate guide you can check out my post on how to create a blog.

What does it mean to be a travel blogger?

Travel bloggers are those who travel to various places within a country or throughout the world and share their travel experience with the public via internet media or say through a blog. That blog is called a travel blog and the person is said to be a travel blogger.

Now I think, you know who or what is a travel blog & travel blogger.

Now let’s dive into learning how to become a travel blogger.

How to become a travel blogger by creating a travel blog?

To have your own travel blog you need to choose a niche in which you are going to start sharing your travel experience by writing blog posts. Now you have decided.

It’s time to have a blog presence online and you can post your blog post so readers can read it there. 

Here I am going to tell you how you can get your blog presence in just a few steps.

1. Choose your travel blog name.

For anything you are going to start over the internet, you need to put a name or say you need to have a blog domain name.

This should be unique, it can be available on the domain-providing sites. You have to buy a domain name for your personal travel blog. 

Think and choose a blog name and find is it available or not?  For eg. (www.example.com). You can check your domain availability on some of the domain name providers. Some of them are

how to become a travel blogger
  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost

If you found the domain is available you can buy the domain name. It will be your blog name. Someone can search the internet and find your blog.

After choosing and buying a domain name you need to have a hosting where this blog is going to be hosted and all your blog posts can be stored for the people who are searching to read them.

2. Choose a hosting plan for your travel blog. 

Why do you need a hosting plan for your blog? The domain that you have chosen for your blog will be hosted by some of the hosting websites it is like a hard drive to store your whole website and blog post. It is a storage area on the internet.

3. Set up your hosting and install WordPress.

After buying the hosting plan you need to install WordPress and do the setup for the blog. 

WordPress is a very powerful content management tool or software which is useful to construct your blog user-friendliness. You can write directly on WordPress posts and publish them. 

4. Choose the best theme for your travel blog. 

Some of the themes we are suggesting here will be helpful to choose for your travel blog. 

  • Travelers Blog
  • MinimalistBlogger Theme
  • Travel Life
  • Travel Magazine Lite

5. WordPress Plugin to use for your travel blog.

We are recommending some of the best WordPress plugins that help to grow your blog presence and appearance. 

how to become a travel blogger
  • Onpage SEO you can use “Yoast SEO Plugin
  • For maps “HTML 5 Maps
  • Cache and make your website fast “W3 Total Cache


This is a shorter guide for any travel blogger to start their blog in just five short steps to get an idea of how you need to start and what the main important technical key points are required.

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