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Designing a Sleek One-Page Website in 2023: A Simple Guide

If you are looking for the exact answer to how to create a one-page website? Then you are at the right place.

It’s really good to start a website and it’s better to start with a one-page WordPress website.

Before that, If you are not aware of what is a one-page website then I will tell you in this blog.

So you can get a better understanding of it.

One page website is a helpful solution for one who wants to test their prototype or idea of business before coming out with the full version of its own.

One page website is also useful if you want to use it as a landing page to run ads. 

What Is a One-Page Website?

A one-page website contains only one web page like a landing page but it can be different from a landing page.

Unlike landing pages where landing pages are to solve or show one purpose, product, or service.

You can use a one-page website as a website of a service, product, business, or organization to tell about itself.

In other words, a website with only one page is a one-page or single-page website.

It lacks extra internal links to pages like the Contact page, Services page and Blog pages which are typically accessible through links in the Menu in contrast to conventional multi-page websites.

Just a single page makes up the entire website.

If you want to make your one-page website like a landing page for the sole purpose then you can use it.

Otherwise, there is another option if you want to make your one-page website with menu accessibility on the same page. 

Then you can add all your menu details on the same page.

For example, if you want to add ‘About us you can make an About section on the same page, and you can add a contact section on the same page.

You can add separate sections for services and features also.

By doing this you can make your one-page website with all the navigation associated with one page.

Create One Page Website On WordPress With The Help Elementor

In this blog post,

I am telling you how to create a one-page website with the help of Elementor website builder so you get make your first one-page website without any coding experience in an easy and fastest way.

With the help of Elementor builder, you can make it within hours. 

So let’s start.

Get Ready With Your Design Outlook For One Page Website

I know it’s a one-page website but the design of one page is also an important part if you now design it device friendly and userfriendly then it not gonna work effectively for your willing purpose.

Like if you use it as a landing page you should design it in order to consider the landing page perspective.

You can design it as a website for an organization you need it provides the design and place the info accordingly.

Ready With Domain And Hosting For The One Page Website

If you want a WordPress one-page website you need to come up with the domain and hosting.

Hostinger hosting services are the best option if you are kickstarting your one-page website to test your prototype or idea or if you want to use it for marketing purposes of products or services.

Buying a domain with a hosting service provider is a bit easier to set up for beginners.

Some hosting providers even provide a free domain name for 1st year with their hosting plan so it is the best deal if you want to grab it and make your setup fast for your one-page WordPress website to work.

Get SSL Installed

If you want to make your one-page website secure with the SSL certificate you need to buy an SSL certificate for your domain.

Or some hosting providers give it free for the first year with the domain if you buy the hosting package for the annual plan.

Major search engines allow secure one-page websites or landing pages which is why you really need to have an SSL installed for your domain.

Get Installed WordPress 

As you are done with the hosting and domain you can check with the Cpanel setup for your WordPress installation.

You can also do it manually else the hostinger provides pre-installed WordPress in your hosting.

If WordPress is installed already you get the WordPress login credential to your email. 

Select Hello Theme And Activate

HelloTheme by Elementor and is the best supportive theme for Elementor builders to start building websites.

Also, the page’s website built on this theme can be faster and more responsive. 

create one page website

Install Elementor Plugin And Start Creating 

To start creating the first one-page website you need to Install the Elementor plugin once you complete the theme installation process.

Now As you complete the installation just activate the Elementor plugin you will get the left sidebar option showing Elementor.

Click on it you will get other options for a mentor like setting, role manager, tools, system info, etc. In the same options area, you will get a getting started option so you can start from it just click on it. 

Once you click the getting started button you will get a page on the right side of your WordPress dashboard. This page looks like this.

create one page website

Create Your Page

You need to click the highlighted button “Create Your First Page”, You can watch the Elementor full guide too for website creation in the youtube videos.

But this video guide is for those who want to make multiple pages websites like separate about us pages, contact us, services and home page, etc.

As we have to stick to our topic which is how to create a one-page website on WordPress. Hence It is all about for that so continue following the further steps to learn to create a one-page website.

Once you click one of the highlighted buttons,

You will go to the page where the drag-and-drop element interface with the left side and right side will be the outlook of the black page.

It is the space where you need to start creating section-by-section pages as per your requirements.

Or you can simply extract the prebuilt template from the element by clicking on the folder icon on the right area of the interface.

One thing here I want to tell you is if you want to use the header and footer or your installed theme then it will be present here and you need to customize it through the WordPress customization option.

But I found many websites that are using a one-page format that want to ignore or remove the header and footer from the default theme.

So for removing the header and footer area of the theme, you can make your own header and footer per the once-page design. 

To remove the header and footer and you need to make your Elementor layout page in the “Elementor Canvas”.

To make this option work, you need to click on the setting gear icon on the left button corner of the Elementor page builder interface and then select page layout in Elementor canvas mode. 

Once you do it you will see the header and footer of by default theme will disappear and you get a full page view to make changes and create a one-page website.

Now start using your drag-and-drop builder by selecting one by one element you need for your design.

create one page website

Or You can simply import the premade template of Elementor by clicking on the folder button.

It will pop up with a variety of pages and blocks option premade template you can use as per your requirements and you can make your one-page website very fast.

create one page website

Only you need to select the particular template that you like or suits your desired outlook of the one-page website and click insert.

Now your chosen one-page website is ready to customize now you can change the font images and layout according to you.


Hence it is finally you who got to know to create a one-page website on WordPress by using Elementor plugging.

I tried to cover the most straightforward process so it can be easy for anyone, especially for a beginner who wants to create a one-page WordPress website for the first time.

Hope you guys like it share this article and comment if you like it.

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