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Crafting Landing Pages with WordPress: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are definitely looking to know how to create landing pages with WordPress in multiple ways.

This is the perfect blog post for you.

If you are also looking for the best option to create landing pages that should have these features:

Optimized, Fast Speed Load, Mobile friendly, Easy to customize, and easy to set up

Therefore after doing intense research on the topic of how to create landing pages in WordPress.

I came up with the solution to write this post for you guys.

Because initially, I am also at your stage I have really fed up with using so many landing page builders.

Because sometimes they are not useful as desired for marketing funnel, sales funnel conversion optimization, or even normal lead generation.

Some provide good with the desktop but bad with the mobile version.

Some support sort of integration and some are even not able to open fast which really makes visitors go away.

I am going to tell you about one of one the best landing page builders that are really worth knowing about how to create landing pages in WordPress.

Before getting started I want to describe the landing page in basic terms and how it is different from any website page or blog page or post.

What Is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are made to have one specific goal in mind like generating leads and increasing conversion than blog posts or website pages. 

It also helps to build email lists for marketing purposes or social media presence enhancement. 

A landing page is basically a sell copy web page that is mostly used by marketing copywriters to make it useful to create a marketing funnel or build a sales copy.

It is basically used to increase revenue for any specific brand, product, or service to reach the target audience who can take the desired action on it. 

Nowadays in digital marketing terms, it is represented by various names: lead capture page, destination page, squeeze page, etc. 

It is different from web pages and blog posts. 

A landing page is a single-page format that only covers the single motive to take action by the user.

Where website pages cover brand awareness, product, or service description. 

While blog posts are product or service informational content or it is solving someone’s query itching in his or her mind. 

Now we are well aware of this term. I hope it clarifies you better to your understanding of landing pages now we can stick to our topic.

So let’s get started 

8 Plugin To Create Landing Pages With WordPress

There is more than one way to create landing pages in WordPress by using different builder plugins. Here I am listing most of the best landing page builders.

Create Landing Pages with WordPress

The Elementor Website builder is one of the top most user-friendly landing page builders for WordPress.

It has more than 2 million active installations that make it one of the most popular website page builder plugins on WordPress. 

Its feature of drag and drop builder makes it easy to user friendly as it provides a live editor and the best loading of webpage build with it. 

Elementor has premade design templates that help the user to save time by using these templates to reuse for their landing pages after customizing them. 

It has premade design blog that makes it easy to add a premade section as per the requirements of the landing page. 

One can build or design a page from scratch by making a full-page editor view on Elementor canvas template. 

By adding section by section and adding one by one element as per required on the area of that section like images, text, buttons, or video.

Elementor has free and paid options both.  

Create Landing Pages In WordPress

The free one is limited access to its elements and premade template while if you upgrade to the elevator pro you will get full access to its builder.

After that, you can even create your own default theme for the whole of your website, blog, or landing page.

2. By using Divi Builder Plugin

Create Landing Pages with WordPress

The next best landing page builder that solves how to create landing pages in WordPress is Divi Builder. 

It is owned by Elegant Themes, a reputable provider of WordPress plugins and themes. 

It’s also offered as a builder plugin that may be used independently with any other WordPress theme.

I am also a huge fan of Divi Builder its visual drag-and-drop WordPress page comes in two options Divi theme and Divi Builder plugin. 

I would recommend you choose the plugin version for landing page purposes.  

The most important factor to select Divi is that it comes with built-in A/B testing.

It is a totally self-hosted WordPress powerful plugin that really provides a seamless experience in desktop or mobile optimization. 

Its theme is mobile-friendly and light. 

Divi builder also comes with a premade template and blocks that help you to save time building section by section dragging and dropping one by one each element to your landing page.

Divi Builder is really a pocket-friendly and value-for-money option when it comes to buying.

 Its lifetime subscription plan comes at $249 with lifetime support. 

It Includes 20+ landing page templates and Has 45+ different modules.

Other than this you will like add-ons like Monarch(social sharing button), Bloom(email opt-in), and an extra magazine theme that is the best option for bloggers and online publishers. 

Create Landing Pages In WordPress

You can use Divi Builder on hundred of WordPress websites if you buy Lifetime access to it.

It has a yearly plan also that comes to $89 per year. 

You need to pay each year $89 to continue to access your websites powered through Divi Builder.

That is the main reason you should go with the lifetime plan.

Once buy you never worried about renewal.

3. using the Instapage WordPress plugin

You have heard about the Instapage.

This is the best landing page builder chosen by top marketers for their marketing AD campaigns.

It is the most powerful landing page platform.

Instapage covers your all need for a fully customizable, branded landing page.

It is very much used by teams and agencies with unlimited domain support. 

It is supposedly the most advanced landing page platform in existence.

So You can develop, optimize, customize, and analyze post-click pages using Instapage to increase the number of your advertising clicks that result in profitable conversions without increasing your ad spend. 

Create Landing Pages In WordPress

It provides online marketing campaigns with ease that offers features like A/B testing, multiple campaign management, and a visual drag-and-drop page builder. 

That is really helpful for you to optimize for both mobile and desktops.

It enables digital marketers to deliver hyper-relevant ad-to-page experiences at a scale previously believed unattainable, maximizing their advertising conversions and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

To build, optimize, and customize landing page experiences as quickly as your advertising, Instapage offers a unified environment for ad mapping, scalable page development, experimentation, personalization, and analytics. 

With more than two million landing pages and an average conversion rate of over 16%, Instapage assists top companies in over 100 countries in maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.

A simple and user-friendly landing page technology was essential, and Instapage provided just that.

With little platform instruction, they were already building websites. It enabled them to concentrate more on their strengths.

Additionally, the Instapage support staff has always been quite kind and helpful when we’ve needed it. Problems are handled professionally and immediately.

  • Extremely user-friendly and flexible, and very simple to educate others.
  • A competent and helpful support staff
  • Simple A/B testing functionality

4. using Leadpages with WordPress

Create Landing Pages In WordPress

Leadpages are the landing page builder that makes the business grow by post-click optimation through its high-converting landing page experience. 

With the lead page, you can make your landing pages with ease and pleasure. 

Leadpages features are like they provide built-in conversion guidance by predicting your landing page’s overall performance before you go to publish the landing page. 

It also suggests wherever necessary improvement or tweaks are required so you only focus on growing. They are affordable so you can easily afford them and make unlimited leads and traffics. 

No limit to page creation so you can publish as many landing pages as you want. You don’t have to worry about bandwidth limitations. 

Pages built by Leadpages are so light that they can load up in less than 2.4 sec faster and 30% hight than other landing page performance. 

That make more customer, leads, sales, and conversion with high-quality ad score.

There are lots of page options there in lead pages like Opt-in pages, thank you pages, sales pages, and check-out pages. 

Hence, you need not worry about any marketing funnel you need to add.

5. Using Beaver Builder With WordPress

If a high-converting landing page is your need and you are struggling to make more conversions or sales to make your visit more convincing visitors you need a beave builder. 

It really provides the best landing page experience so your visitors are ready to signup for your email list. 

Beaver Builder has live front-end editing that provides you with a visual editing experience for the landing page where you can see what are you changing and how it appear at the same time. 

Using a responsive theme along with the beave builder makes it more responsive. 

It totally adopted the WordPress customise so your capability with the words of beaver builder is commendable.

This also lets you customize the themes so you can make your blog themes or archive pages and the post by adding more options and control on the page or post. 

It has a unique feature of assistant pro that stores your file, template, media file, rows or color code, and theme setting for future recommendations for your client projects so you need not worry to start from scratch again. 

You have a one-click import system in this builder.

6. using Colibri Page Builder With WordPress

Colibri is a page builder that connects your experience with the traditional page builder, also it mixes up with the latest technology of fully operating on the cloud like Wix and Squarespace

It is also a unique visual drag-and-drop landing page builder that never lets you down with the best experience for designing point of view or visitors’ point of view. 

It can be a little difficult for new users to understand the procedure immediately away because Colibri functions differently than other well-known website builders. 

But as I said above that it’s like a traditional theme editor for its theme builder.

Its 150 preimage content blogs make it beginners friendly as a professional web designer, which really looks unique for building in the different categories of requirements. 

Colibri, a website builder, provides a superb platform for independent web designers to create one-of-a-kind website designs for their clients. Heavy design work may be done online straight on the Colibri website. Even you can design a website for own your website of the company.

Starting Price Is $79 for personal to $199 agency for a yearly plan and for a lifetime plan starts from $169 for personal to $440 agency. 

8. Landingi Landing Pages

Another cost-effective one of the leading landing page builders “Landingi” is popular among big companies like PayPal and sony music.

The Landingi is a flexible platform that has no need for coding just drag and drop visual editor that creates landing pages in WordPress to work for your clients and visitors to grab eyeballs.  

It reduces your PPC and improves conversion to a fast and personalized landing page experience. 

Provide 400+ modern ready-to-go templates for landing pages and pop-ups. save time and money on themes. 

Helpful landing page builder for all from business owners, and marketing experts to big agencies. 

Its easy integration with other marketing or lead generation tools is more selectable. You can take a trial of 14 days free of cost. 


I think this blog post will really help you to know how to create landing pages in WordPress in more than a single way and also help you to choose the best WordPress landing page builder.

It can help you to build a beautiful landing page in the best responsive and mobile-friendly ways.

It also helps you to choose the fast and best for your landing page need. 

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