Books For Bloggers

Books For Bloggers In 2023

Anyone who is willing to advance in their life must love books. Therefore Now it’s become a matter of best books for bloggers.

Books are the best friend of a person. Do bloggers read books for their blogging?

Yeah, they do.

So If you are a blogger or beginner you should also explore books to enhance your blogging skills.

There I am writing this blog post to cover this topic.

Hence you can find the best blogging books for bloggers to start. 

There are so many best books out there for bloggers to recommend them.

Here, I prefer to recommend that is really helpful for bloggers to start their blogging journey in a well-mannered way.

list of 10 best blogging books for bloggers.

I am listing some of the best books for bloggers.

These are useful for their blogging path and struggling to grow and enhance their blogging ways.

1. Blogging All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Blogging All-in-One For Dummies, The author of this book is Susan Gunelius. She is the CEO of keySplas Creative, Inc.

In her 20+ years of the marketing profession, she writes about marketing branding and social media for Forbes and 

With this book, she covers the blogging basics perfectly as an ultimate reference guide.

This is one of the best bloggers’ guide books for bloggers that is packed with detailed information. It helps you to create a place in the blogging space in this competitive blogging world.

How you can stand out with your blog you will easily understand by reading this book.

You will learn from getting started, using blogging tools, collaborating with other bloggers, and many more.

You will learn software, tools and blog marketing, microblogging, make-money blogging, and corporate and niche blogging.

2. WordPress For Beginners By Dr Andy William

WordPress For Beginners, The author of this book is Dr Andy Williams. He writes mostly “how-to” books and creates courses on websites, SEO, and website-related topics.

He has done a PhD at Cardiff University after graduating from Hull University.

Blogging really works if you are using WordPress for your blogging.

WordPress provides you with the flexibility to expand and provides so many integration options to work with.

It is an absolute step-by-step guide for beginners who want to set up a WordPress website or blog.

This book consists of easy-to-follow instructions with clear screenshots. It provides you guidance from the beginning like buying your domain, WebHost, SEO, design, and content on your site.

3. Everybody Writes By Ann Hanley

Everybody Writes is a handy guide that can teach you to leverage your writing to attract and retain customers.

Publishing Business and social media all work on words these all are relaying market in words or marketing messages.

This book helps you to understand how words can work.

how words or writing have the power to tell a customer who we are and what we do.

In this book, she gives expert guidance and insight into the process and strategy of content creation, production, and publishing, with actionable how-to advice designed to get results.

After learning from this book you are able to apply your learning all across your online assets.

For example, web pages, blog posts, email marketing, landing pages, offer pages, and social media marketing posts.

She designed these books for bloggers with a very practical approach so anyone can create and publish any kind of content online.

4. Content Inc.

Joe Pulizzi is the Content Inc. book’s author.

He founded a number of businesses, including the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), which Inc. magazine named the fastest-growing business media company in 2014.

He reverses the conventional entrepreneurial strategy of first developing a product and then looking for clients in this book.

Content Inc. demonstrates how to produce things later after acquiring clients.

One of today’s most sought-after content marketing strategists presents a fresh framework for achieving success as an entrepreneur in Content Inc.

Simply defined, it involves producing worthwhile content, cultivating a community around that material, and then producing a product for that community.

It is an excellent example of reverse engineering a model that rarely works.

The revolutionary six-step business-building technique described in this book is clever, straightforward, useful, and economical.

It’s the ideal method for creating a strong, enduring company that is prepared for the content-driven world of today.

One of today’s most innovative business minds uses this straightforward yet incredibly effective entrepreneurial technique.

Everything you need to reverse-engineer the conventional entrepreneurial model for better, longer-lasting success is available at Content Inc.

5. One-Hour Content Plan

The author of One-Hour Content Plan is Meera Kothand, A certified email marketer, blogger, and self-professed email nerd.

She use to blog at where she helps bloggers and solopreneurs to create worthy blog content and online business presence.

Featured on smart bloggers, marketing profs, and many other sites.

If you don’t know what to write and struggle to come up with blog post ideas or haven’t planned in advance what your content is to be in your blog post.

If you are searching for the trends what to post that give your blog post an uprise and you are not sure whether you go to promote your product or services or go for information.

Then 1-hour content plan will help you to build numerous ideas for your blog post for traffic build. In this book, you will get how to guide for generating content ideas with your ease.

After reading this book you will not gonna struggle with what to write. In this book, there are 5 types of content guides that increase your subscriber and buyer so you can sell products or services comfortably.

This book is really the fastest move to know your brand voice for content creation that weaponizes you with the skill of content ideas.

You will also get an idea of how your content gets more eyeballs and shares. 

6. Content That Converts

Laura Hanly is the author of this book, and she is a content machine who produces excellent content marketing writing that converts.

In order to assist business owners and marketers in writing, publishing, and marketing books that revolutionize their companies, she founded Gale Creative.

She has a degree in writing and publishing and is certified by Digital Marketer in content marketing, conversion funnel optimization, and traffic acquisition.

Content That Converts is more for entrepreneurs and B2B leader side but I think you are a blogger means you do your work like a solopreneur. It must have a book to read for any blogger.

You can use content marketing to use a future stream of qualified leads for your blogging business.

This book is a step-by-step process to execute any business to build quality leads and better conversion with their content marketing.

With the help of this book, you can easily understand to build content that converts and will also know to get a clear audience, offer, and messaging ideas for your content marketing.

This book helps you to create recurring and long terms content assets systems to make you an industry leader.

You will also know to use SEO and email to expand your content reach effectively for better outreach and sales growth.

With this helpful book, bloggers can become better at writing better sales copy. 

7. SEO 2022 By Adam Clarke

The author of this really helpful SEO 2022 guidebook is Adam Clarke.

He is a bestseller author on internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) and has 10+ years of search engine ranking track record.

He loves writing in a conversational style.

Whatever your background has no matter to do with this SEO book.

It will teach you to search engine optimization with very practical ways to grow your online website presence in organic search results. 

With this book, you will get the whole guide in simple language so you don’t need to find the answers to the big technical word.

You will learn to find keywords, how-to features in news, and three sources to get expert SEO advice. 

This book will teach you and reveal the following to you:

  • Google is always evolving and changing.
  • The majority of online SEO advice is incorrect!
  • How to utilize search engine changes to your advantage and climb the rankings.
  • Discover the potent link-building strategies that professionals utilize to rank highly.
  • Additionally, read the additional chapter on pay-per-click marketing.

8. How to blog for profit: Without Selling Your Soul

Ruth Soukup is the author of How To Blog For Profit. She is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and New York Times Best Seller.

Ruth believes in assisting individuals in overcoming their worries and challenges in life.

She offers clear instructions for pursuing your aspirations and achieving your goals.

How to Blog For Profit provides sound advice for producing excellent material, attractive photos, harnessing viral growth, and optimizing money, regardless of how long you’ve been blogging or how little.

It is a priceless resource for both seasoned bloggers and newcomers, outlining not just what it takes to build a genuine, popular, and lucrative site but also how to do it.

By encouraging you to avoid comparing yourself to other bloggers, this site will assist you in changing your perspective on blogging.

Assist you in learning how to produce amazing content with captivating presentations.

With tried-and-true methods and a strong Pinterest strategy for viral growth, you can increase the traffic to your site.

It will aid in directing you to broaden your sources of revenue and work more efficiently.

9. Atomic Habits By James Clear 

The book’s author is James Clear. He discusses the significance of tiny contributions to our daily lives in Atomic Habits.

He is a recognized authority on habit development and has demonstrated effective strategies for forming positive habits and breaking bad ones.

This book says this—small changes made consistently over time can add up to significant improvements.

Atomic Habits directs you to work on your system since, in accordance with this book, the reasons for your inability to modify your habits have more to do with your system than with you personally.

With the help of this book, you may establish new habits, overcome a lack of desire and willpower, start building your environment around success, and get back on the right track.

If you want to change your habits, whether you’re a team trying to win a championship, an organisation trying to change an industry, or just a person trying to stop smoking, get in shape, de-stress, or accomplish any other objective.

Atomic Habits will change the way you think about progress and success.

10. 100$ Startup

The $100 Startup and other books from New York Times bestselling author Chris Guillebeau are available.

They were able to restructure their lives in ways that allowed them more freedom and fulfilment almost always after discovering components of their particular passions that could be made money.

The best advice comes from people who have figured out how to use what they do as a doorway to their own fulfilment.

Finding the intersection between your “expertise”—even if you don’t think of it that way—and what other people are willing to pay for is key.


I tried to cover the most useful and best books for bloggers in this blog post. 

These books should be read to explore the knowledge and gain insights into how bloggers should work for their blogging business.

Hope you would like this list of good books and make your blogging life successful. 

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