Blogger' Outreach

Bloggers’ Outreach

Bloggers’ outreach is an essential matter when it comes to growing our blogging career.

It not just even grows your network it also grows your blog presence.

If other bloggers recommend your blog’s work to their blog then this is called a mutual blog growth strategy.

It is to accomplish a specific goal, such as those in content marketing and SEO-friendly guest posting opportunities, promoting new content, and acquiring new backlinks. 

Hense blogger outreach is the process of strategically connecting and developing relationships with industry influencers and publishers.

You can gain enough exposure with the aid of a bloggers outreach strategy, which will help you draw in more of your target market.

This approach can be used by bloggers for both long-term and short-term objectives. 

In other terms, bloggers’ outreach is when businesses and bloggers meet or connect for promotional purposes.

They can connect through the blog post content or they provide a sample of a product in return for reviews. 

So let’s start the process to know how we can do the blogger’s outreach in the current scenario. 

How Many Types Of Bloggers Outreach

I am going to discuss how to do blogger outreach. But before that, we need to know how many types of it.

There are various strategies for bloggers’ outreach but some of the most popular types of bloggers’ outreach strategies are as follows.

  • Product Review
  • Product Feature
  • Sponsored Post
  • Giveaway

Product Review

This is the most common method widely used by bloggers.

Business connects them to write product reviews by sending some products to use.

It can be a short written review, videos, photos or social media post.

Product reviews should not only be promotional content. It should be informational with promotional touch.

Product Features

It is similar to but different from product reviews for the blogger outreach type.

This is the strategy to promote the business product with specific features.

Bloggers with specific niches or areas try to introduce the product with its features in their blog posts.

It is called a features post because the content blog that blog post somehow relates to the product that is featured alongside the post content itself.

In terms of blog posts or bloggers, outreach term sponsor posts.

The post can be compensated by the business or brand to the bloggers for the product or services they write the post for. 

Here the whole written post is called sponsored post because it is paid promotion post.

The primary motive for the business or using bloggers’ outreach for this sponsored post is to reach the trustful audience of the bloggers. 

So bloggers should always be careful and selective while writing a sponsored post.

There will typically be a disclaimer after sponsored posts noting that by the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) guidelines,

A blogger must always disclose when they have been compensated for a post.


This is the strategy to promote the product by organising a completion or event where a specific product will be the winning price.

The product expenses are done by businesses who want promotion and bloggers put the event in their community.

Major 4 Steps For How To Start Bloggers Outreach.

I am discussing the most important steps for beginner bloggers to understand. 

The blogger’s outreach for their blog growth and also to improve their link-building strategy.

1. Set Goals & Criteria For Outreach

The first step is to know the product or post and suitable outreach for it. 

I mean if you are planning to do blogger outreach first you need to understand the product and blogger niche accordingly.

After that, you can reach them in a better way and so results will come out.

Once you figured it out then the next move to the next step.

2. Find Your Prospect Email & Create A Persona 

It’s time to start looking for bloggers’ email addresses to pitch your material once you’ve determined which ones best represent your business.

It can also be quite important to use specialised websites that allow you to find people’s email addresses by the domain name.

Once you start finding emails for your blogger’s outreach and then draft buyer personas too for each product and associated bloggers’ niches.

Do not spam your prospect. Understand your prospect’s demand before pitching to them. Put transparent terms and conditions for outreach.

3. Make An Attractive Bait And Draft Your Message

Better blogger outreach begins with considering how your service or products may benefit your prospects.

The email you ultimately send will decide whether or not the entire adventure was worthwhile.

Maintain a concise message that paints a transparent image of the service you’re attempting to provide.

Blogger outreach is most effective when you offer clear, concise messaging.

4. Track And Optimise Project And Performance

Now the most important step is managing your outreach project, and bloggers’ personas, and tracking the performance of the outreach on regular basis.

Also, check tests and optimise the performance of your outreach campaign.

Best Practice For Bloggers Outreach

I am listing here the best practices that are important to starting a blogger’s outreach for your growth.

1. Research And Analysis

Research and analyse the Business requirements and bloggers’ needs.

Check out the best blogging platforms for your target audience, different pitching techniques and the language you use in them, and even the types of posts you or your blogging partners create. 

2. Try To Use Tools Wherever Needed

Tools can help you out and save you the time of tedious tasks.

Tools like outreach tools, email tools, and SEO tools help you find and understand your requirement for outreach more effortlessly. 

You can identify suitable bloggers and websites with the aid of outreach tools.

Using SEO tools will help you better qualify sites before contacting them as part of your blogger outreach campaign. 

When beginning your outreach, an email finder tool will help you identify the person to get initially.

3. Networking-like approach & good relations

The approach should be like you are building a network and relationship with bloggers.

Use give-and-take strategies for building it.

 You can use bloggers’ networks, Facebook groups and communities to find them. Twitter and LinkedIn also help you to find and build a network. 

4. Segregate Your Bloggers

Diversify your blog network, and separate them according to their niche. Approach them with your related valuable post or product or service in lieu of mention in their post. 

5. Connect With Email And Take Follow-Ups

Once your message is ready with valuable offerings for the bloggers to connect.

You can start to email them but remember not to spam only the right message for collaboration and outreach purposes to build relationships.

Try to take follow-ups for your outreach response.

6. Understand Sniper And Shotgun Approaches

Majorly There are two ways to approach one is a sniper and another is a shotgun approach but after comparing the link conversion rate they said it is better to go with the sniper approach.

According to Ahref’s blog post, there are three most important reasons not to go with the shotgun approach. 

A limited number of niche-specific websites to get backlinks from it. Deliverability issues are due to spam reports by the receivers.

The more they mark your email as spam, it goes to the spam box, not the inbox. The shotgun approach is found to work most of the time with the new and weaker website.

Hence you get low-quality links from them.

This three lack to make the shotgun approach not an effective way to build high-quality trust and authority backlinks.


Bloggers outreach is really helpful for beginner bloggers to beginner blogging businesses to build strategic link building, bloggers relations and brand promotions. It is a strategy of influencer marketing.

Hence I hope this blog post helps you to understand your approach to blogger outreach. Hope this helps your growth in bloggers’ connections and the mutual growth of bloggers or businesses.

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