Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners To Boost More Traffic

Have you ever been in a state of mind when you found yourself blank while writing your blog post? It often happens when we do not have any blog post ideas for beginners on what topic we need to write on. 

Thus we are certainly looking for someone or somewhere to guide us on how to find blog post ideas for beginners. 

Because blog post ideas for beginners are so vital that you can write more niche-oriented topics for your blogs and improve your search ranking and traffic.

Hence for this particular problem, I came up with this new guide post to help you to find the best blog post ideas for beginners. 

Therefore I am listing some of the ideas that can help you to improve your blog post numbers. 

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners In 2023

If you are really looking for the best blog ideas as a beginner and want to start a blog of your own. Then this list of blog post ideas for beginners will help you to go ahead.

Simpler lifestyle (Life with simplicity)

It will be a blog that will explore and map a journey from a miserable traditional way of living back to a forgotten way of human life.

Getting Ready for the Coming Great Recession 

This blog should be focused on living sustainably and leaving a lower carbon impact also with the analytical data that interpreted the facts and figures.

The list of skills for achieving any (personal/financial/ business)goals 

How to use confidence and technique to get what you want from life, your relationships and your career and your business.

Making effective videos for the web

Teaching how one can use video to further your brand, blog, website, or company.

Writing A guide On Self-employment 

The logistics behind how to start working for yourself, how to leave your job, find health insurance, set up a business entity, etc.

Self-improvement and personal growth 

Write about and explain how you overcame a challenge or formed a new habit and what you learned.

Working in unique fields of competence remotely 

Writing about the jobs and careers that can be done remotely, like some of the freelance jobs like a translator, credit card processing, customer relationship management, email marketing, etc.

Blogging About Unique Food And Recipes Varieties 

One can do a food blog or post food recipes as a blog post by making a food or recipe category.

Self-sufficient ways of living 

Post on typing to live in woods, grow your food, use solar power, live off the grid, etc.

Strengthening of the mind

Self-controlling, want and desire balancing, mind-controlling, meditation, lucid dreaming.

Self-defence instruction 

Writing a guide for self-defence for women, kids, or corporate professionals.

Use of a point-and-shoot camera 

Write about how to create incredible photographs with your phone or whatever camera you have in your pocket. 

Design of blogs and websites for non-designers 

Write the tactics and skills for how to make your blog look incredible without spending lots of time.

Writing e-bestseller techniques 

Documenting the process of creating an Amazon Kindle bestseller.

Creating a Public Speech 

Create a guide blog on how to overcome the audience’s fear, ways for approaches to presentations, etc.

Achieving Familial Harmony 

Write Ways for improving the relationship between family members, ways to increase the creativity of kids and parents, and ways to help kids to find their passion and inner peace.

A blog for a “good cause” 

Posting the stories of successful non-profits organisation  & charities who help needy people and work for the environment or humankind.

Mobile applications or software

Post on a mobile application or software that can enhance one’s quality of life overall, connections with friends and family, and productivity in business and life.

Alternate running activities 

Write about activities like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, etc.

Live in an apartment (this could range from renter issues to decor, etc.)

Tell me about your own house or rental apartment decor.

Some More Blog Post Ideas For Beginners That Are Worth As A Blogger

I am listing some more blog post ideas for beginners but only giving the ideas not elaborating more on them because you will simply understand them after reading.

  • learning a new language
  • How to play the guitar later in life
  • How to prevail in disputes without alienating friends
  • Becoming a sommelier or wine expert
  • Create a unique vessel and sail across the Pacific on it.
  • Advancing in tennis competitions and improving one’s game
  • Creating a new iPhone application
  • Prophecies of the end of the world throughout history
  • Maintenance of vehicles for non-gearheads
  • Do they live up to the hype in the world’s top “places”?
  • How to take pictures and videos while travelling
  • Learning languages quickly before relocating overseas.
  • How to make your marriage strong
  • Jobs vs. careers: pursuing your passion
  • The top hamburgers in your city, state, or nation.
  • Cost-effective organic food consumption
  • High mileage, health-conscious, and minimalist travel
  • How to establish yourself as a rock star online

More Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

  • For high school pupils, life coaching and life skills
  • The industry of online conferencing
  • Video tutorials that demonstrate video game strategies
  • Assisting small companies to get more clients
  • Urban farming and community gardening
  • Establishing and operating a social network
  • Beyond the fundamentals of managing one’s own finances
  • When under stress, eat healthfully Ghost-hunting
  • Education in entrepreneurship for both adults and children
  • DIY endeavours, a DIY business, and the sale of handcrafted goods
  • Innovative methods to advertise small businesses with QR codes
  • Describe your biggest victory.
  • Share a course you created for the internet.
  • Talk about your top specialised eBooks
  • Create an eBook and give it out for free to your first ten subscribers.
  • On Twitter, discuss the recurring hot topics in your industry.
  • Analyze another blog in your niche for a case study.
  • List some lesser-known sayings that relate to your area of expertise.
  • Get a testimonial for your blog from someone.
  • Run a raging blog on a subject related to your speciality.
  • gush about your preferred speciality subject.
  • Make a blog that other well-known blogs in your niche may connect to.
  • Organize a webinar with influential people from your niche.
  • Give your readers a cheat sheet to aid their success.
  • Create a captivating infographic on a particular subject that is relevant.
  • Post a video lesson in which you demonstrate how to utilise a certain tool.
  • Interview someone unrelated to your field to gain their opinion on yours.
  • Discuss a well-known issue from a fresh perspective.
  • Write a blog entry on an infographic you like from another blogger.
  • Find the most popular subjects at the moment by performing keyword research.
  • Write a blog post on a job-related task you detest.
  • Post about a task you love performing but that most others detest.
  • Which fictional figure do you think would be most relevant to your niche?
  • Which blogging plug-ins are your favourites?
  • Which events in your preferred specialised field did you attend the previous year?
  • Make a list of the things you like to do to be creative.

Few More Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers

  • Write an article highlighting your preferred niche-related local establishments.
  • Post a blog schedule that you intend to follow.
  • List your preferred low-cost items in your industry.
  • Create a do-it-yourself guide for a product or tool that your readers would find beneficial.
  • Talk about a long-term mistake you made in your area.
  • What advice would you give yourself to succeed sooner?
  • What do you dread most about your blog or your industry?
  • What is the most frequent query you get from beginners in your field?
  • The items in your category that you believe are being oversold are listed here.
  • Make a list of the goods you wish you had been aware of earlier.
  • Give a list of coupon codes for your preferred specialised products.
  • What are ten facts about you that no one knows?
  • Walk your audience through your workspace while you are creating.
  • Post an animated video explaining a challenging subject related to your niche.
  • Discuss any older blogs you may have and the lessons you learned from them.
  • Describe your worst professional setback and the lessons you took away from it.
  • Thank everyone who has supported you along the way with a blog post.


I hope this huge list of blog post ideas for beginners will help you to generate more topics for your blogs. I always try to come up with the best helpful post for your blogging. 

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