4 Simple Easy Steps For How To Blog On Medium In 2022 And Earning With It.

May 20, 2022 | Starter Guide

Blog on medium is also the best idea and the best blogging platform for active publishers to start their blogging.

If you are willing to start and build your audience, then the medium is a good way.

If this is really what you are looking for then you are perfectly finding the best blog guide for how to blog on medium.

Medium is an internet publishing platform with a monthly active user base of over 60 million people.

It’s a welcoming environment for both readers and writers, and it’s unique in that good stories may spread quickly.

In this blog post, I am going to tell you how you can create your own Medium.com account and blog on medium.

1. How To Create an Account & Blog On Medium?

blog on medium

So the first and foremost step to start is to create an account with Medium. You need to visit www.medium.com

Once the website opens, you can see in the right upper corner that there is a “get started” button.

You need to click on it.

After clicking on it, you will get a prompt to join the medium.

You can select the option given in this prompt box where there are three options: you can join the medium either through your Gmail or Facebook account, or you can signup by email. 

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Once you sign in, you will see that it will ask for your full name and your email ID, and then click on the “Create Account” button.

Then you will be redirected to the homepage of the medium, where it looks like this screenshot.

blog on medium

Now that your account has been created with Medium, Now you can blog on medium so I am going to tell you the next step, which is how to post on Medium.

2. How Can I Post A Blog On Medium?

If you are on the homepage of the Medium website, then you have got a menu bar at the left corner of the medium website where you will get a post icon to start writing.

Click on the icon and you will go to the post area.

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You will see a post area like this where there is an option for the title of the post and the body of the post to start telling your story.

One can change your font style while writing and also add links to it. You only need to select text to change formatting, add headers, or create links.

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One can add images and other things by clicking the rounded plus icon in the body text area.

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You can include content from your other media posts, another blog post site, or another website by just pasting the URL and hitting enter.

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You can also mention someone by just adding “@” and their name, so you can add them in your story in the content body area. They will also get a notification once you publish the content.

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Like this, you start with the first post of your blog on a medium.

3. How To Publish My Blog Post On Medium? 

Once you have completed your writing post, you need to click on the “publish” button. 

blog on medium

Then you will get a prompt with the tags (keywords) you like, on which these posts will appear. 

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After adding tags, you can directly publish your post or you can schedule it for the desired time you want to publish it.

Once the post is published, it will look like this. Where the post can also be read directly and listened to through the audio reader mode.

You can also share your post through the social sharing button, or anyone can share it once they see it if they like the post.

They can also comment on and appreciate your post through the clap icon.

blog on medium

4. How To Monetize My Blog Post On Medium?

Anyone can be happy if they provide value to the audience and they get appreciation in the form of monetization.

As a publisher, it is really helpful for the content creator to put more effort into the valuable written content.

This platform is where the content is published for the mass to help or resolve some problem in their lives. 

Any publisher can earn through a medium by following the steps to earn through a blog on medium.

Medium is among the few blogging platforms where you can sign up instantly. You can publish amazing material, and get rewarded after a month.

You only need to have a medium account and join the partner program with that medium.

There are two ways mediums give their publishers the opportunity to monetize through their published content.

One is the member reading time, and the other is the referred membership time.

a. Member Reading time

The more the audience spends their time on the medium of your published post, the more you get paid.

The medium calculates the reading time on the basis of the time that a reader spends actively reading on a particular page.

They also take into account the scrolling activity of the reader and then determine how long a reader stays on the post, reading the story that you have posted.

They also make a point of identifying gaps in scroll action and long periods of time when the viewer takes a break for a cup of coffee.

This is the way the amount of reading time is calculated. 

b. Referred Memberships

While posting your material, you can also join the partner program and refer your readers to become medium members in exchange for 50% off their membership fee till they become members.

For the publishers, it provides a reliable source of cash.

How much does one earn through (blog on medium) referring the reader for memberships?

At the time, I am writing this post, the membership plan for the medium is $5 per month. With a regular payment processing cost of 2.9 percent + $0.30, an author will earn 50% of the membership fee, or $2.27/month per member you have referred on a recurring basis as long as the reader’s membership plan is ongoing.

So, for example, if you refer 1000 members, you can earn 1000 * $2.27 = 2270 US dollars, which is a good amount for a monthly income. So the sky is the limit. 


I think this post will be helpful for you to understand how to become a creator or publisher in a medium from a blog on a medium.

By providing valuable, resourceful content you can also make it a side income.

Thanks for reading my blog. I will continue posting a more helpful guide for my readers.