Best Blog Examples For Beginners In 2022 (List Of Popular & Inspiring Blogs) 

Jul 18, 2022 | Starter Guide

This is really an obvious fact when we are about to start our own blog we need some blog examples for beginners to get an idea about how it looks and presents itself. 

Others must inspire us and sometimes it comes inner self. Best Popular and inspiring blogs are also like that. 

These blog lists here are really created to inspire, influence, and make a mark on the internet. 

According to Hubspot blogs are the third most trustworthy source of information so it is better to get known with the idea of blogging with some inspirational blogs.

I am also inspired by some of them that why I am including all the blog examples here that are really an inspiration or motivation for any beginner blogger. 

This post is really going to be useful for any beginner blogger who really wants to start their blogging journey to create a remarkable piece of blog.

Here are a few blog examples for beginners I am mentioning in this blog post.

Best Gaming Blog Examples

As we know gaming industries are increasing so as are gaming blogs too. As far as my concern some of the best blogs according to the top tech review website CNet, are 


It is the best central blog to get news about Nintendo gaming lovers. This blog is a must-bookmark for those interested in Nintendo gaming. 

This is the best gaming blog that gathers stories and information related to NItendo gaming and beautifully curated them in blog format.

blog examples for beginners


Shacknews began in 1996 as a quake fan site. They start growing by covering most of the video games & technology videos with the latest reviews, previews, news, and interviews. They use to create exciting events, one of which is Shacknew’s electronic sports tournament called Shacknews World Championship video game gauntlet tournament with a winning prize of $50, 000.

They are also promising to come up with a brand new way in the upcoming years.

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That VideoGame Blog

It is a multi-format blog that is offering more informational and interesting posts to gamers or game industry people. Best clean and clear writing and user interface design to add to the bookmark and readable.

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It was introduced in 2004 as a part of the Gawker Media network, but in 2019 it underwent a change. The blog is simple to use, making it possible for beginners to find what they’re looking for. 

Kotaku is a good deal of the stories posted on the same subject. It is one of the oldest game blogs out there that cover topics ranging from video games reviews and daily games industry news. Every Blog post on Kotaku fills with intelligent humor. 

Its authors convey their characters’ emotions without showing off.

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Best Food Blog Examples For Beginners.

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes is an inspiring blog for any beginner food blogger. Beth really makes the impossible possible. This blog is really a good concept that comes with the idea of budget cooking. 

She helps lots of people with her beautiful and budget-friendly recipes that are not even affordable but looks tasty.

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Baking Bites

Baking Bites is written and managed by Nichole Weston who is a Los Angeles, California-based pastry chef, food blogger, and recipe developer. This Blog is very useful and informational and is directly related to cooking and baking. 

Whether you want to cook simple choco chip cookies or want to decorate beautiful cupcakes. 

This will also be a guide blog for beginner home bakers those willing to learn common backing techniques, and how to use various ingredients for hundred of tasty and delicious recipes.

blog examples for beginners

Green Kitchen Stories

Green Kitchen Stories is a food blog that provides recipes for simple vegetarian food with natural ingredients, whole grains, good fats, fruit, and vegetables. 

David and Luise both are really working extraordinarily for their blog. This is really an inspirational blog on a particular sub-niche blog. 

They have a lifestyle blog touch in their blog. They have released so many recipe books for vegetarian green recipes. Even they are selling temporary vegetable tattoos.

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Minimalist Baker

This blog primarily covers the various recipes in specific categories like Gluten-Free, Vegan, Dairy-free, and Naturally sweetened. This blog matter of fact is that they shared simple recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare. 

All of their recipes come under three important categories either 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, 30 minutes to prepare, or less. Previously they were sharing plant-based recipes. 

Their recipes represent more dietary preferences, tastes, and needs. They love to share plant-based recipes that are simple, nourishing, and delicious. Nowadays they are also adding meat or egg recipes.

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Best Fashion Blog Examples

Mia Mia Mine

The Persona behind Mia Mia’s Mine blog is Maria. Maria started the blog as a side hustle but she soon make it a full-time career. 

This Blog is operated and managed by her. She is a stock analyst turned fashion blogger. 

It has become a go-to source for style guidance for the contemporary working woman trying to improve her wardrobe and overall image. 

She advocates creating a wardrobe that is both classic and adaptable enough to go from the workday to the weekend in this blog. 

Mia Mia Mine offers a personalized experience regardless of budget, offering anything from sharing affordable apparel to locating difficult-to-find designer products. 

Maria offers her advice on how to dress more stylishly and for any season. 

To imitate the looks she wears in her blog postings, you may also shop for the various looks.

blog examples for beginners


The author of the blog “In The Frow” is Victoria. She holds a Ph.D. in fashion and is the author of “The New Fashion Rule,” a best-selling fashion book. 

While pursuing a Fashion Ph.D. and a profession as a Fashion Marketing Lecturer at the University of Manchester, she launched this blog in late 20112. 

For three years consecutively, she took home the Vuelio Blog Awards’ as a Best UK Fashion Blog award. 

Her blog continues to be ranked as the top fashion blog in the UK and one of the most important blogging platforms in the country.

This is a perfect example of a successful Fashion Blog for a beginner who wants to inspire.

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That’s Not My Age

Alyson Walsh Is the lady behind the blog “That’s Not My Age”. She is a freelance journalist and a former magazine fashion editor and author. 

It looks after navigating her blog which she believes is her passion to start. 

She is very much an inspirational person for any beginner blogger who excuses their current scenario. 

She start blogging in 2008 when she notice a space online to celebrate midwives and beyond. 

Now she is providing expert advice, style tips, interviews, and podcasts. Her blog was a winner of the Best Women’s Fashion Blog 2019 at Vuelio’s Online Influence Awards. 

In the latest, she offers expert advice and tips for women of all ages.

One Dapper Street

This is a men’s street fashion blog managed by Marcel. He is so fascinated that he moved from Germany to New York City only to follow his passion. 

So he went to fashion school, modeling here and there. 

I hope you find lots of inspiration from marcel’s blog, from dapper combinations to edgy streetwear and from daily outfit inspirations to curated shopping selections!

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Best Travel Blog Examples

 The Blonde Abroad

Kiki is a California native woman who manages her blog “The Blonde Abroad”. 

This is a perfect blog for solo and female travelers around the world. Kiki left her corporate career in wealth management to follow her passion and that totally changes her way of life forever. 

She took a break from her career back in 2011, and spend three months traveling across Vietnam, Bali and New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, and Cambodia and get inspired and empowered by solo travel for the first time.  

From that time she started his travel blogging journey and become a travel blogger and started sharing her personal journey and travel tips with her readers. 

She travels to 70 Countries and is currently settled down in California.

 She is truly an inspiration for any beginner travel blogger.

blog examples for beginners

 Adventurous Kate

Kate has started her travel blog in 2010 after quitting her job to travel the world. She traveled to 83 countries and all seven continents. 

She passionately shared her travel experiences and also teaches women to travel the world safely. According to her, any woman can travel the world on her own with proper research about the place. 

This is the perfect blog of guidance for a first solo trip or a seasoned traveler looking for destination inspiration. She is such an inspiration too, beginners travel bloggers have much to learn from her.

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Nomadic Matt’s

Matthew Kepnes is an American travel blogger. He started this blog in 2008.  This is a popular blog that tells you how to travel the world for $50 a day. 

He is a New York Times best-selling author too helped millions of people to guide them on budget traveling. 

If you want to enjoy your traveling and want to give less time searching the internet and being overwhelmed this is a must blog to read. He is also an inspiration for any beginner travel blogger.


Best DIY Blog Examples

Sawdust Girl 

Sawdust Girl is a DIY blog managed by Sandra Powell. She is a perfectionist and her passion for home renovation and making it beautiful makes her a DIY blogger. 

She has been designing and building for over 15 years. Currently, she is tackling a 7200 industrial building and creating a Build & Breakfast. 

It is stuffed to the gills with do-it-yourself projects and clear directions. There are also excellent free designs available for download that demonstrate how to build various sorts of tables and storage containers. 

Everyone can make these because they are so simple to make and there is something for everyone.

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Charles & Hudson

Timothy Dahl is the author of the blog Charles & Hudson, which he founded and launched in 2005. The best trucks, technology, tools, outdoor equipment, and work attire are the focus of this blog. 

This blog features a list of excellent authors who are authors in the fields of DIY, design, and tools. This site is jam-packed with easy projects that you can start right now.

Best Mom Blog Examples

Hurrah For Gin

It is a perfect inspirational blog where the blogger uses her creativity and humor in the blog and makes beautiful outcomes.

Katie Kirby is the author of the blog Hurrah for gin that blogging can be done by art. She used stick-figure art, a snarky attitude, and hilarious stories about life with kids.

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MomGenerations is a mother-focused website. Audrey McClelland, a social media expert and supporter of brands, is the blog’s creator. 

On Mom Generations, you may get the most recent daily news on moms’ stylish fashion and beauty, kids’ fashion, baby gear, product reviews, toys, and numerous other tips for working mothers. 

This site offers opinions on a variety of topics, including fashion, design, and parenting of teenagers. It’s refreshing because many mom blogs just discuss how to raise young children or a large family.

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Best Lifestyle Blog Examples

Wit & Delight

Kate Arends has started Wit & Delight in 2009 when she was broke with debt and worried to pay the bill of $10K. This blog takes her on a new career path in life. 

She began to be a publisher of personal essays on the journey of her life through divorce, mental illness, 

and undiagnosed learning ability. 

After that, her blog becomes a resource for 3.3 million followers who feel less alone in the ups and downs of their journey in life. Best place for the reader to find where to travel, eat and shop. 

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Progress Club

Progress Club was founded by Emma Norris. She is a Sydney, Australia native who is also an author, imperfect action coach, and cheese lover. Smart, dispersed ladies who are improving themselves can go to Progress Club.

The Progress Club is a community for millennial women and non-binary people from diverse backgrounds, nations, and cultures. It is intended for doers, dreamers, and the delightfully imperfect.

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Best Photography Blog Examples

David duChemin

David duChemin’s blog is under the name of the Founder. He is an assignment photographer, best-selling author, and digital publisher. 

He Started this vision in 2008 to publish his books and resources that help other people to learn their craft with the best focus and depth and also avoid noise and gimmicks to produce better photography.

His posts focus on people, world events, and publications that inspire him. His primary focus with his blog is on the importance of vision, craft, and creativity.

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Two Loves

Professional culinary photographer and the founder behind the blog “two loves” is  Rachel. Her love of cuisine and photography has inspired her to create a studio and online workshop platform. 

She enjoys highlighting and capturing the appeal and emotional value of real cuisine.

No of your skill level or equipment, internationally renowned photographer Rachel offers photography tutorials on how to produce the greatest food photos imaginable.

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Best Health And Fitness Blog Examples


The creator of the blog “Blogilates” is Cassey Ho. Over 10 million people have subscribed to her across all platforms. 

The ideal illustration of a well-designed health and fitness blog is Blogilates. 

It is mostly targeted at female pilates enthusiasts, but it also provides a tonne of high-quality material regarding nutritious foods, weight loss, muscle-building exercises, and much more. 

It is managed by Cassey Ho, a hugely significant player in the health sector.

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Hip & Healthy

Sadie Reid established and launched Hip & Healthy in 2012. Her blog’s goal is to motivate people to be their best selves. 

The UK’s favorite online health and wellness blog is this one. Hip and Healthy might serve as a significant source of inspiration if you’re trying to figure out how to create a health and fitness blog that also covers beauty and lifestyle topics. 

The website employs amazing design elements and features in addition to having a wealth of content. Industry experts and award-winning journalists contribute to the blog’s material.

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Best Relationship Blog Examples

The Feminine Women

The Feminine Women Blog was started by Renee Wade in 2009. Through her blog, she imparts knowledge on intimate relationships, sexual polarity, and femininity. 

She aids women in their quest for a better understanding of men, dating, and relationships through her blog. 

Her own difficulties in her closest friends’ relationships and in teaching the distinction between feminine and male pronouns were the main sources of inspiration. 

Nearly 300 items are available on The Feminine Woman.

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Heart Hacker Club

The creator of the Heart Hacker Club Blog is Amy Chan. She treats the heart using both scientific and spiritual methods. She experienced a traumatic breakup and struggled with a particular internal agony.

She made the decision to work with numerous medical professionals, including psychologists, coaches, and healers. 

She has been discussing relationships, dating, and love on her blog for almost ten years. Her blog is an online publication that specializes in the psychology of lust, desire, and love.

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End Note

I have tried to list all the important and useful blog examples that might inspire you with your niche in a particular topic. Hope you would love reading this blog post.