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Exploring the Best Blogging Platforms in 2023: A Comprehensive Review

Which is the best blogging platform for beginner bloggers?

If this is your question while you are starting a blog then it’s natural to ask.

One should always worry to select the best blogging website where one can access all the features related to a blog.

As a blogger, I can understand your situation. Once you are a beginner everyone faced the same in the early days.

It also comes to mind which option is either the free blogging platform or the premium blogging platform to choose from.

At that time, we need true guidance and a faithful opinion, because if we start with a good one, the better the journey will be.

Here is why I have posted this blog post: to guide you in choosing the best blog writing platform.

I have also reviewed them so you can better choose as per your needs or requirements for your blogging persona.

Before I start the list of platforms, I want to tell you: 

Free Or Paid Blog Platform To Choose?

Free blogging platforms are those that offer the hosting of the blog on their own servers for free.

You will not get the privilege of your own personal customized domain.

Instead, the free blog platform allows you to put the name as its subdomain.

For example, www.example.wordpress.org or www.example.blogspot.com instead of your own blog name, like www.example.com.

And the paid blogging platforms are nothing but the same blogging platforms but you did not use their server or subdomain instead you buy your personal domain and hosting.

I think you understand my view now.

You are well aware of what is free and what is paid.

Let’s get started.

5+ Best Blogging Platform For Beginners

Here I am going to list major and top-rated blog platforms that are popular and really useful if you are a beginner and want to start on your own.

Best Blogging Platform
Source: WordPress.org

First and foremost, the best and most popular among bloggers is wordpress.org.

This is a free blogging platform that can give you the best blogging experience you are willing to have. 

Due to their easy-to-use and customization features, the world is full of WordPress-powered blogs and websites.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform for building great websites, blogs, or apps.

Beautiful designs, powerful features, and the ability to create whatever you want are available. 

At the same time, WordPress is both free and invaluable.

WordPress is used by 43% of the web, from personal blogs to the most popular news sites.

The following are some of WordPress’s most outstanding features:

  • Designs that change (theme-based, you can select themes)
  • Mobile Sites That Are SEO-Friendly
  • On-the-Go High-Performance Management
  • High-level security
  • Effective Media Management
  • Simple and easy to use.

2. Blogger (by Google) (Best for Beginners)

Best Blogging Platform
Source: Blogger.com

Blogger is a content management system (CMS) owned by Google in 2003. 

Google hosts blogs that can be accessed through the subdomain of blogspot.com.

Anyone with a Google account can create beautiful blogs as per their niche. 

There are options for various templates that are easy to use, have flexible layouts, and background images, and you can design something new in them. 

You can buy a personalized domain from Bluehost, or you can get one for free with blogspot.com 

(your blog name will be a subdomain of it, e.g., www.example.blogspot.com).

It has built-in analytics so you can analyze your traffic hit for each blog post.

So you can analyze your customer’s intent or buyer personas.

You can directly connect bloggers to Google Analytics tools too. 

Bloggers really help to store thousands of photos, posts, and more with Google for free and it is secure.

You can also monetize your blog very easily with the help of Google Adsense built into it.

This can automatically display relevant, targeted ads on your blog that become a good earning source through your blogger posts.

3. WIX ( An Easy Drag and Drop Website Builder)

Best Blogging Platform
Source: Wix.com

WIX gives you the freedom and power to create, design, develop, and manage your own blog.

You can create the look of your blog on the live screen.

You can easily customize the theme and other things on your blog.

It just has a drag-and-drop feature to accelerate your productivity.

Whether you want to build a website or a blog, you can create it the way you want.

All you can do is with the Wix website builder. 

It has built-in SEO, thousands of design templates, and marketing tools so you can build your brand and increase your loyal readers.

Capture your brand’s personality with a complete suite of intuitive design features in our blog maker.

You can get a custom domain name to build your online credibility.

There is a domain name generator that will help you choose a name for your blog.

Your blog information will be safe here because it works on an enterprise-grade security system.

Wix gives you faster loading of your blog, which helps to improve your SEO and user experience for your audience. 

4. Squarespace ( Well Equipped with Marketing Tools)

Best Blogging Platform
Source: Squarespace.com

Squarespace is a website building and hosting company based in New York City, USA.

It also provides a website design and web-building tool that helps anyone to start their online blog presence in a very simple and quick way.

It also has a prebuilt template and a drag-and-drop feature that helps you modify your blog in your own way.

Squarespace helps you build a portfolio for your personal brand, create an e-commerce website, and more.

The benefit of using Squarespace to design your blog is that it comes with an all-in-one platform.

It provides limitless hosting, lightning-fast content delivery, buys a domain from it, SSL certificates, built-in security, and round-the-clock customer service.

So you can easily start sharing your story with the world and stand out with professional templates and layouts that are customized and will suit your brand.

Each template can be altered to meet your personal storytelling style.

You can promote and grow your blog with its built-in marketing tool.

Squarespace’s flexible layouts, custom colour palettes, cohesive fonts, access to free, high-quality images via Unsplash, and built-in photo editing capabilities will help you realize your vision.

5. Weebly (Website like features)

Source: Weebly.com

Create a professional blog that will evolve with you.

Weebly empowers anyone to create a high-quality website that performs flawlessly on any device.

You may get to the finish line faster with its robust drag-and-drop website builder, customizable templates, and step-by-step coaching.

Allow your audience to join the 45 million people who have already signed up for Weebly.

To help you develop your website and establish your perfect business, you’ll get access to customized webpage designs and handy tools.

Create a free website in minutes to help you get noticed and increase your consumer base in style. Begin right now with our free website builder.

Weebly is now part of Square’s product line.

This means never missing a transaction and allowing customers to pay using their preferred method.

6. Medium ( Good For Individual Writers and Publishers)

Source: Medium.com

Medium is a website that allows you to post content online. Posting your thoughts on any issue and connecting with millions of readers is simple and free.

Over 1 billion readers visit this open platform to uncover smart and dynamic thoughts. On Medium, anyone can write.

Here, thought leaders, journalists, specialists, and individuals with distinctive viewpoints share their ideas.

You’ll find contributions from independent writers worldwide, stories we’ve featured and leading authors, and insightful commentary on our own blogs and magazines.

It encourages intricacy, complexity, and crucial storytelling without succumbing to advertising’s enticements.

7. Ghost.org ( Easy Membership Creation For Your Content)

Source: ghost.org

Gost.org is the best open-source platform, that a blogger can leverage. It is for independent journalists, writers, and bloggers across the world.

It has a real impact on online media’s future. Nowadays, the variety of websites and blogs from individual bloggers is powered by ghosts who are just getting started on how to start a blog.

It is also helpful for large teams of writers and editors at the largest organizations.

It includes current tools for creating a website, publishing content, sending emails, and charging members for subscriptions.

You can publish your content through the same dashboard on the web and your subscribers’ email.

Now it comes with a new concept so you can publish your publication on a membership and subscription basis, which has been difficult for so long for beginners.

Now you can transform your clicks into contacts and monetize them.

Ghost provides inbuilt online signup forms that convert your anonymous visitors to subscribers.

Comprehensive audience engagement data, so you can see which content is attracting the most focus and who your biggest admirers are.

Subscription revenue can help you pay for your job. There is an option to connect your Stripe account. While creators are making millions, ghosts take a 0% payment fee.

There are a variety of options for integration of other apps for referral programs, push notifications, social sharing, payment gateways, A/B testing, desktop editors, mobile apps, and comments.

8. Facebook (Easy To Start)

You can use Facebook as a blogging platform as a beginner and convey your thought to mass.

As you know Facebook has a large number of users (2.85 Billion in 2021),

you can leverage Facebook’s organic or paid marketing strategy to boost the reach of your content for your audience.

Facebook provide build marketing tools that provide feature so you can create an email list or build your leads.

You can check my blog post on how to start blogging on Facebook for more help.

9. Quora (Easy To Start)

Quora can be good for newbies or any bloggers who want to start writing and blogging to convey their own though and solve others’ questions in which one can an expert.

It is a micro-blogging platform where you can answer publicly asked questions or make your own space where you can create your own blog and post on it.


With this guidepost, I want to help you guys, especially beginners who are really struggling to find the best blogging platforms to start, scale, and monetize in the future.

I think this post will help you to select the best suits your niche and future meets.

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