Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

When it comes to making money through blogs best affiliate programs for beginners are searched by many beginner bloggers.

I think this is really an important step you have taken to search for the best affiliate programs as a blog owner or beginner blogger.

You should always need to consider and apply new ways for monetising your blog.

As you already have your website, blog and social media with a good audience if you must give it a try to affiliate marketing.

Hence to answer my readers in the best possible way is to come up with this new blog post which totally guides you to find the best affiliate programs in 2023.

This post will also cover the best and highest-paying affiliate programs for beginners.

You also need to accept various factors that are useful to apply and get approval for these affiliate programs so must read this blog post to take a helpful starter guide.

Therefore I am going to cover most of the valuable and easy-to-get approval affiliate programs that pay well if you follow the guideline of these affiliate programs.

What Is The Best Affiliate Programs?

You can say it is an associate program which is offered by a third-party platform which connects brands or businesses to individual affiliate marketers and vice versa.

Businesses and brands register and list their programs and individual affiliates can signup and join.

These programs after qualifying the terms they will approve the individual affiliates and provide a unique URL.

Then affiliates can share it with their site visitors, customers, and social media followers.

The affiliate gets paid a commission when a user hits the link and makes a purchase from the company. 

How Many Types Of Affiliate Programs?

There are the majority of affiliate marketing programs out there in both categories if you want to product or services to promote. 

For Coupon Site Affiliates

Coupon sites are similar kinds of review sites.

These sites offer the best discounts and coupons for which the coupon site owner is affiliated.

Hence if one is well with the website can add the discount and coupon code with short details of the product or services associated with the coupon or discounts.

Coupon websites collaborate with businesses to offer discounts to customers on goods and services in return for a commission.

For Email Marketing Affiliates

Email marketing is the best way to affiliate with your true subscribers or readers of your blog.

You can create an email list to help them with the best-recommended product or services.

But keep in mind do not overdo or spam your reader with irrelevant products or services it downs your brand value.

For instance, if you work for a marketing firm, you may collaborate with a business that provides design tools and includes an affiliate in emails you send to clients who need designs.

For Search Affiliates 

Basically, search marketer invests their money to run search ads. Also, they can use Facebook and other social media ads too.

Most SEO background people can use this in a good way because they use organic traffic and they promote affiliates for their organic traffic.

For Influencer Programs Affiliates

As you can nowadays social media or any other means of networking sites, many influencers are raising day by day.

And prime reason behind someone becoming an influencer apart from passion are to make money.

Hence influencer affiliates’ terms are derived.
So now you get a good idea about various affiliates ways.

Now I am taking to you to the list of the best-affiliated programs you can join and start your affiliate marketing career.

List Of The Best Affiliate Programs

Here I am listing all the important best affiliate programs that a beginner can join. Here programs are: 

Partner Stack

best affiliate programs

The preferred affiliate network for B2B technology relationships is PartnerStack.

You’ll get access only to some of the most recognised and lucrative B2B affiliate marketing platforms in the world, including Notion,, and Webflow.

For those who are unfamiliar, B2B affiliate marketing functions very similarly to B2C affiliate marketing, with the exception that the commissions are normally bigger and paid out for a longer period.

Consider recurring income of 20–50% of a sale for the whole client lifetime that you assisted in acquiring.

This depends on the brand – some offer 12 months or one-off commissions only.

You can quickly track your success across all of the programmes you are a member of using the in-app dashboard.

Challenges, in-app chat, learning resources, and other built-in partner engagement elements promote greater communication and interaction with the partner programme administrators.

Similar to other affiliate networks, you must apply separately to each partner programme, but if you reach the network’s $5 payout level, you will be paid out once a month by Paypal or Stripe.

The PartnerStack Network should be your first stop when looking for affiliate marketing opportunities if you’re trying to work with top-tier B2B businesses that provide better commission and conversion rates.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius is founded in 2008, by a former employee of Commision Junction, and Leadpoint.

This is a widely successful affiliate program that has brands like Airbnb, Lenevo, Addidas etc.

The most important feature of the Impact radius is recommending niche brands, products and partners.

So you can easily apply to them and get access to affiliate with them. This lets you easily figure out the best affiliate to work with.

To join the Impact Radius affiliate program and qualify for its application process is a bit complicated.

Once you get approved it is much easier you can join merchants easily and they can approve you.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction (CJ) is the oldest affiliate network which was founded in 1998.

It has a variety of categories or a range of affiliate programs you can join.

Many industry specialists recommend commission junction as the best affiliate network to join.

In other words, CJ maintains the majority of those connections and links its affiliates with businesses.

For newbie affiliate marketers, this might feel like a blessing because it avoids the need to interact with merchants directly.

The CJ registration process is simple. But when you get in, you’ll have to apply with particular retailers.

The application procedure differs by the merchant. Some will approve you right away, while others will take a few days. 

Amazon Associates

Amazon associates program is best and easy for any beginner blogger who wants to understand and earn how affiliate marketing works.

I recommend it is best to get approval and easy to become an affiliate of all the products listed on Amazon.

Its hassle-free easy signup and approval process makes your affiliate marketing dream on the fast track.

But It works best for a niche product review website or blog.

You get the product link to share you need to add it to your product review website or blog.

You will get a preset commission based on the category you are working for Amazon affiliate or you share the product.

Once somebody buys the referral product you will get a commission.

One most important thing I have found if one gets a referral from your link and buy any other product within 24 hours still get a commission.

The main problem with Amazon is that its affiliate programmes vary per nation.

You should make sure your Amazon links are functional for the nation from where most of your traffic is from if it does.


ShareAsale and Awin are part of each other. It has multiple merchant options available.

ShareASale has currently 1000 merchants offering the best physical products and software services.

It makes this the best internet marketing affiliate program.

You may get conversion statistics from current affiliates, and the application procedure is rather simple.

The ShareASale service offers insight into the performance of the merchants you interact with, which is one of its wonderful features.

The average sale, conversion rate, EPC (profits per click), and position within the ShareASale platform are all provided by ShareASale.

You may choose from a far wider range of options to find one that fits your needs because it covers everything from e-commerce to software.

Because ShareASale’s application procedure is so simple and straightforward, it’s simple for newcomers to leverage this momentum to propel their trip.


Another centre of an affiliate network with almost 20 years of experience is ClickBank. Six million people use it globally.

It makes joining simple and gives its affiliates some of the highest commission rates (some go as high as 75%).

For those wishing to create an automated method to increase conversions and eventually money, this network offers recurring commissions as well.

Pre-sale pages, product photos, and brand logo designs are among the marketing materials and page language that the majority of the merchants located on its dashboard will also provide.

In addition to being antiquated, the ClickBank interface provides fewer performance tracking metrics than some of the alternatives already mentioned.

Many of these merchants have chosen to prioritise high-pressure direct sales copywriting above carefully crafted picture material as their marketing approach.


Awin is a player who has only recently joined the team. In August 2017, Zanox and Affilinet, two other affiliate networks, merged to create it.

Awin is one of the top networks with more than 8,000 merchants on board and is very simple to use.

Awin is a typical online market with more than 13,000 advertisers, comparable to Amazon and Etsy.

This program’s coverage of goods and services includes travel and tourism, retail and shopping, finance and insurance, and communications and services.

Awin’s affiliate programme offers a variety of digital goods and services that cater to various market segments.

The platform is excellent for content producers, website owners, influencers, and technology-based partners as a marketplace.

With over 15,000 active advertisers to select from and more than 200,000 publishers already a part of its network, it has produced more than $150 million in sales since 2019.

A Chrome plugin that enables affiliates to quickly create connections across all of Awin’s partners is one fantastic feature of the affiliate programme.

This network’s approval functionality is likewise rather sluggish, and response times can often be significantly higher than with some of the other applications we’ve discussed thus far.

Additionally, some customers have reported “spammy” type sites, so always be vigilant while looking for an affiliate.

Rakuten Advertising

Another of the earliest affiliate networks, Rakuten Advertising was founded in 1997.

Similar to CJ, it has interfaces that feel antiquated yet offer a large variety of brands.

The business touts having the biggest pay-for-performance affiliate network on the Internet, and it also provides a fantastic programme for those just getting started in affiliate marketing.

The Rakuten interface itself looks like a dashboard from 2005, which is antiquated.

Many affiliate programmes have a habit of using antiquated interfaces.


Instead of applying directly to the store, FlexOffers joins a programme as an affiliate and permits bloggers to utilise its affiliate links.

An affiliate network called FlexOffers offers more than 12,000 affiliate programmes and more than 500 sponsors.

It covers a wide range of topics, including those in the following areas: business, education, entertainment, legal services, sports, travel, and many more.

FlexOffers can serve as your middleman if you’re having trouble joining a certain affiliate network since you’re just starting started.

Because FlexOffers wants a portion of every transaction, the payments are frequently smaller.

FlexOffers is a terrific alternative worth applying for if you’re a new affiliate. Simply make sure your website is prepared and appealing.

Sovrn //Commerce

if you enjoy automating the placement of vendor links on blogs. Some affiliate marketers would rather make money quickly.

You may choose between CPC (cost-per-click) or CPA (cost-per-acquisition) merchants while using Sovrn /Commerce.

They will use a WordPress plugin or Google Tag Manager to automatically add affiliate links to your blog content.

Instead of using the automated technique, I directly embed Sovrn /Commerce links into my text.


An excellent choice for advertising digital products is Avangate. Up to 10% of the sales commission is yours to keep.

Avangate also provides excellent customer support and thorough sales tracking.

An excellent option for companies wishing to sell digital items is Avangate.

They accept several different forms of payment, including PayPal, major credit cards, and other online payment methods.

This provides in-depth deep linking to relevant, high-converting landing sites.

Additionally, this gives clients the option of choosing affiliates who may create their own coupons for discounts.

It enables business owners to collaborate with one another and profit from the sale of one other’s merchandise in their shopping carts.

PepperJam Network

In 2015, Pepperjam launched its own affiliate network. In comparison to its rivals, Pepperjam offers fewer possibilities with just 1,500 merchants.

Pepperjam is a B+ grade from the Better Business Bureau.

Pepperjam rewards you twice a month if your balance is at least $25. It supports PayPal payments.

Inside the Pepperjam system, publishers and merchants may communicate with one another.

You’ll struggle to find a better affiliate network than Pepperjam if you value openness and customer service.


Because GiddyUp provides an affiliate manager and useful tools to help you with many areas of its programme, it is appropriate for novices.

Over 150 direct-to-consumer businesses are available for partnership in a variety of industries, including travel, electronics, health & wellness, and more. Affiliates of GiddyUp get special access to these e-commerce companies.

The firm also offers powerful analytics, real-time data, and a creative library to support your digital marketing efforts, allowing you to compare your success month over month.

Monitoring your performance can help you find areas where you can improve and eventually earn more commission.


Max Bounty promote cost-per-action campaigns with high conversion rates from hundreds of advertisers who are interested in your knowledge of blogging, media buying, social media, and email marketing.

To maintain your specialisation and market goods and services in industries that are important to you, Max Bounty recommends keeping your campaigns varied.

While our staff works tirelessly to give you the finest rates in the business, you may get paid for your performance using the CPA, CPS, CPL, and CPI pricing models.

The performance-optimizing technologies and campaign accessibility offered by Max Bounty have advanced the online careers of innumerable affiliates.

eBay Partner Network

Despite having been founded in 2008, the eBay Partner Network is one of the best affiliate networks for affiliate marketers to join since it is supported by the eBay network.

Best For publishers that specialise in physical goods and are looking to join a reputable affiliate network.

With 1.1 billion listings, eBay provides publishers with an unlimited selection of actual goods to advertise to their audience through its affiliate marketing network.

Depending on the type of goods, the commission rate varies.

Schedule for Payment As long as publishers have made $10 or more, EPN pays every month. Payment of the EPN via Direct Deposit and PayPal.

Wrapping Up

Here I have tried to list the best affiliate programs for my readers and beginner blogger.

It will be a really helpful blog post for beginners who is willing to know and join an affiliate program to start their affiliate marketing.

Feel free to comment if you found any missing programs.

You can also comment if you don’t like any of the above affiliate programs.

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